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Top Tips for Designing a Great Website [Infographic]

the-basics-of-a-winning-websiteWith the number of Internet users increasing every day, no business – big or small – can afford to neglect its online presence. And when it comes to designing a winning website, you have to go back to the basics, which means that your website should have a responsive design that looks equally great on mobiles, laptops and tablets, professional-quality images that can sell your product, consistent branding, easy and uncluttered navigation, strong headlines, effective and correctly-placed calls-to-action, trust indicators, correct positioning of important info, blogs, videos and other downloadables, prominent display of contact details, and so on.

Should Your Company Really Be Bothered About Online Marketing?

We are all used to relying on the conventional forms of marketing for our business. But times change and there always comes a need for change. Today, almost every company has chosen to use this form of marketing to communicate with potential customers. Online marketing refers to all the marketing activities undertaken online by an enterprise. Now, if you click on almost anything on the internet, you will find an advertisement attached to it. This is also a form of online promotion. Online marketing has become a huge hit on social media websites and also on search engines like Google,Bing and more. Such advertising done on search engine websites is called search engine marketing or SEM. So here are some important online marketing tools that can be very useful for your firm.

Online Advertising
online-advetisingThe power of online advertising is inevitable. This is simply because of the high number users it has and the obvious benefit of reaching out to the masses easily. When you search something on Google, the first few links that you view are almost always paid advertisements. Now imagine the number of people that may view these ads when they search such related data. More than 3.5 billion searches are made each day on Google. The sheer power of this mode of advertising makes it one of the most sought after and reliable sources of marketing.

A Look At Internet Marketing Basics

Internet marketing is quite popular these days. It is one way in which you can make money on the internet. To different people, internet marketing can mean different things. At one point of time, online marketing was just limited to having a website and placing banners. But today online marketing has emerged into a broader category. It depends on a particular business if it wants to include internet marketing in its marketing strategy. However a lot of businesses these days are simply dependent on this form of marketing.

Objectives of Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is used to attain a few objectives, which are as follows:

  • Communicating a company’s message
  • Conducting research
  • Selling goods and services and advertising online

Components of Internet Marketing

com-websiteSetting up a website is a component of Internet Marketing. It comprises of texts, images, audio and video elements that can convey the prospective as well as existing clients about the company features, benefits, as well as services. The website can also provide an added facility to directly sell services online. You can take your website just as an offline brochure as it can help establish the identity of your business.

Top Marketing Trends for the Next 12 Months

social-computing-cloudImage source

We’re halfway through 2015 already. It’s the perfect time to look at some of the marketing trends we’ve seen this year. It’s also the perfect time to look at what may be next. The world of advertising and marketing is ever-changing. What was popular last month may not be effective a few months later. To keep you up to date, we’re going to take a look at the predicted top marketing trends for the next 12 months.

Human Brands

Long gone are the faceless organizations from yesteryear. Now, it is all about being as human as possible. Brands are putting all of their efforts into providing customers with a more personal experience. We’ve seen this become quite popular on social media. Now, social media managers sign their names off on the tweet. Customer service representatives use their names in Facebook communications. It’s all about becoming a face and not just another big name organization. If you want to piggyback onto this trend, then you need to build solid connections with customers. This is the only way to provide that human experience that potential customers are crying out for.