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How Social Media Can Affect Your Site’s Rankings

social buttons How Social Media Can Affect Your Site’s RankingsThe world of Internet marketing can be a little fuzzy. Through the evolution of the Internet, mobile devices and marketing mediums, the rules and standards are constantly changing.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are booming, and many businesses have caught the wave and jumped on board, using these mediums effectively for their business.

With the evolution of Google’s ranking standards, these marketers seem to have hit the goldmine; social media can directly correspond to your site’s rankings and should no longer be ignored as an ‘optional’ marketing tool.

In 2010, Google was not interested in the reach social media business users had to their consumers for the purpose of Google rankings. Since, however, Google’s standards have evolved. Just like SEO and external and internal links are important to incorporate to your website, the number of followers and the quality of followers of your social media sites play a role in where you rank as well. Quality conversation and involvement with consumers through these platforms helps your rankings climb.

How does a business incorporate meaningful social media use for better Google rankings?

First, your business must determine which social media platforms make sense for creating connections between consumers and what the company has to offer. This can vary greatly based on the type of business and its company-client communication goals, pre-determined by the company.

Analysis of Evolution and Future of the Google Rankings

Analysis of Evolution and Future of the Google Rankings

How Google’s Algorithm changed over the years and where it is heading the future.

A very good presentation by Rand Fishkin (CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz, a leader in the field of SEO software) with Analysis of Evolution and Future of the Google Rankings. This Analysis specifies changes in Google’s Algorithm From 1999 to 2010, How Google’s Algorithm changed over the years and where it is heading the future. With some innovative ideas about new signals for Google ranking like Social Media, User data and Brand signals and more. It also gives guidelines to marketers about what they must do to keep up with Google’s Evolution. In this presentation you will see list of good Inbound Marketing Ways (Free Traffic Sources) like SEO, Email Marketing, Research and White Papers, Infographics, Social Networks, Social Media Optimization, Webinars, Document Sharing, Word of Mouth, Podcasting, Q+A sites, Type-in Traffic, Direct and Referring Links, Social Bookmarking, Forums, Online Video, Comment Marketing, Blogs and Blogging, News, Media, Press Release, PR etc…

How To Use Social Media Sites For Marketing your Business?

social media How To Use Social Media Sites For Marketing your Business?Marketing through various social networks does not only mean how you sell your product, it is more about how you engage your followers. Social media marketing is considered the most innovative tool of internet marketing that is available for businesses online. This term refers to sharing relevant information as well as opinions through various social networking portals. The main objective of this form of marketing is building groups and communities, interaction and also sharing information which is of common interest.

Currently Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are three social networking sites that are making important inroads in the arena of Social Media with their creative tools and innovative marketing strategies. Though these networking sites are perceived as space of younger generation, online businesses have foreseen their opportunity of using the popular sites to their own benefit.

Why Social Media Sites Have Become Important For Digital Marketing?

Compared to other options available for marketing your business online, social media marketing is a very low cost investment. Social media sites are free to use and they even offer a number of links to your website just for free. It is when you use conventional methods that it costs you a lumpsum amount. All the popular networking sites receive huge traffic and in they can also generate a lot of traffic for your website. Moreover this type of marketing strategy acts almost likes word-of- mouth concept which works more than commercial advertising. Most search engine optimization company make use of the latest trends of social media marketing.

Social Media Optimization With Link Building – The New SEO Trend

social media optimization linkbuilding Social Media Optimization With Link Building The New SEO TrendSocial Media sites are gaining popularity day by day, therefore the link from them will help you to promote your business. There are various Social Networking sites such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and many more. The links on these websites are more valuable as it helps to boost up the search rankings. The tools that work for Social Media Marketing can be used in link building. It is a necessary step to be taken along with Search Optimization.

Social Networking sites help to increase the online presence of any business along with the links that raises search rankings. There are many social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit etc. You can place the links on the pages of LinkedIn but they never index on search engines but if the links are placed on profile pages of LinkedIn like my blog, my website and my company website, then these links have a higher value. You can even post the articles via a website link.

Social Media sites for making links

  • Facebook: It offers a great way to build links. The more are the friends and followers the more you can have the benefit of link building. The major benefit of Facebook is that it has group pages which are designed to bring the people of the similar interests together for sharing information. There are many chances that hundreds of people will see and and link to your page, but it is necessary that the information should be relevant according to their wants or for what they are looking for.