How Google AdSense is better than Taboola & Outbrain

Online advertising is one of the most prominent ways of earning money out of the internet. Today as people has developed a resentment to the ideas of banner ads companies such as Taboola & Outbrain has emerged on to the picture.

Before we mention how google adsense dominates over Taboola & Outbrain we must first understand the origin and functions of these services that sets them apart.

The History and Features of Taboola
taboola-logoTaboola is a content advertising start up by Adam Singolda started in the year 2007. It was created with the concept of providing the best results from the user’s search. The format was somewhat similar to providing google search result in reverse order, building on the idea that all the information you were looking for will find you in the right time. After Taboola went through a shocking acquisition it reported a revenue of 250 million catering to almost 1.5 billion recommendations for more than 400 million users. The major publications that avail the services of Taboola are BBC, USA Today, The Boston Globe etc…

The Future in Your Hands: Mobile SEO of Tomorrow

google-mobile-seoHave you ever asked yourself just how powerful your mobile phone might be that you can access the world through a click of your finger? Well, if you have said yes to the question, then you have something in common with search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. There is absolutely no doubt that mobile, and by extension, local search is hot, current and very much utilized nowadays. If you are a smart and savvy digital marketer and business owner, you would take advantage of this.

The fact is mobile SEO is a rather popular topic and for very good reasons. Here’s why and what you can do to maximize the potential of such.

Why mobile SEO?

seo-searchAs mobile and wearable devices are gradually integrating themselves into a consumer’s daily life and with them gradually migrating to a more app-based content, it would be safe to say that traditional websites will be obsolete soon. Rather than relying on information and services provided by search engines, users are consulting third-party applications for most of their functional and informational needs. This is likely to continue as Google is already placing so much emphasis on these third-party applications.

Top Tips for Designing a Great Website [Infographic]

the-basics-of-a-winning-websiteWith the number of Internet users increasing every day, no business – big or small – can afford to neglect its online presence. And when it comes to designing a winning website, you have to go back to the basics, which means that your website should have a responsive design that looks equally great on mobiles, laptops and tablets, professional-quality images that can sell your product, consistent branding, easy and uncluttered navigation, strong headlines, effective and correctly-placed calls-to-action, trust indicators, correct positioning of important info, blogs, videos and other downloadables, prominent display of contact details, and so on.

Should Your Company Really Be Bothered About Online Marketing?

We are all used to relying on the conventional forms of marketing for our business. But times change and there always comes a need for change. Today, almost every company has chosen to use this form of marketing to communicate with potential customers. Online marketing refers to all the marketing activities undertaken online by an enterprise. Now, if you click on almost anything on the internet, you will find an advertisement attached to it. This is also a form of online promotion. Online marketing has become a huge hit on social media websites and also on search engines like Google,Bing and more. Such advertising done on search engine websites is called search engine marketing or SEM. So here are some important online marketing tools that can be very useful for your firm.

Online Advertising
online-advetisingThe power of online advertising is inevitable. This is simply because of the high number users it has and the obvious benefit of reaching out to the masses easily. When you search something on Google, the first few links that you view are almost always paid advertisements. Now imagine the number of people that may view these ads when they search such related data. More than 3.5 billion searches are made each day on Google. The sheer power of this mode of advertising makes it one of the most sought after and reliable sources of marketing.