Content Promotion Ideas For Your Next Blog Post


Blogging is a significant activity in digital marketing. Regardless if you are a business or a professional who wants to share insights in your industry, there is no denying that creating blogs is necessary to develop your brand, increase website traffic, and cultivate a relationship with customers and readers.

Although having high-quality content is vital, the blogging activity does not stop there. Another equally important but often overlooked step in blogging is the content promotion.

Even in the Philippines, most blog promotion activities rely heavily on using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Fortunately, there are a lot of other ways to promote content.

Here are some ideas you can use to promote your next blog post.

Keyword Search

Great content is useless if it is not searchable. This is why researching proper keywords are essential. Although it has been a common mistake, not doing keyword research upfront affects the amount of traffic generated by your website.

However, you must understand that keywords are not just about traffic, but competition as well. Using broad and generic keywords will give you poor results, which is why long tail keywords, usually three or more words, are used because it will drive more traffic, and the chances of increasing your page rank are higher.

The Best Way to Flesh Out an Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is one of the hugely popular ways of marketing your solutions over the internet. However, most email service providers have invested in powerful spam filters, the European Union has created tougher rules on opt-in emails, and mobile phones have changed the email landscape. All these challenges make it hard for you to reach your target audience effectively. 

Even when you have access to the target clients, your emails may just be lying in the mailboxes or to the recycle bin without getting any attention. Here are a few tips on getting some flesh out of an email marketing campaign. 

Start the email campaign right 

• Make it easy to signup 
Make it very easy for the potential clients to subscribe to your emails. Have an intuitive signup form in all the places that you can find them. This may be your blog, on social media or your main site. Try to collect the right names and other personal information such as birthdays for ease in email marketing. Avoid asking too much information as it may discourage potential subscribers to sign up. 

How Online Advertisers Are Creating High ROI’s Using Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influence word cloud

What is Influencer Marketing? 


Brands are combining social media marketing with influential, highly-regarded personalities to create explosive, successful online marketing campaigns. These efforts are producing increased customer loyalty and very high conversion rates along with extremely high return on investment (ROI) relative to the marketing expenditures. 

For many new to the extreme results of influencer marketing these claims may sound outlandish. But these results are just what the companies that are investing funds into these very successful brand promotion space are seeing every day. 

For a working definition, influencer marketing is working with individuals who have broad reach to a large audience, with a market segment that overlaps with the brand’s customer-base. The end result of an influencer marketing campaign is to expand brand reach to the new prospects largely through promotional efforts that utilize that influential personality. 

This article discusses how influencer marketing drives ROI for brands. 

Types of Influencers 

Generally, an influencer is anyone who has a large and loyal following, ideally online, that is responsive to her tastes and recommendations.