How to Increase Your Website’s Load Speed for Higher ROI

Target-Marketing-ROIHow fast your web pages load will affect your return on investment. This is more so when considering the fact that if it takes longer for a page to load up, most visitors will click away. This increases the bounce rate and subsequently affects your sales/conversion. All in all, there are a couple of things that can be done to increase the load speed of your web pages.

Studies have shown that websites that take more than 10 seconds to load up experience the highest bounce rates. If you are suffering from this problem, this post is for you. It discusses the crucial points you need to consider in web development to help you increase the speed at which your website loads.

Optimize the images

One of the key reasons why most websites take long to load up is because they use images that are too big. Using huge images and then scaling them down with CSS does not mean the actual size of the image will be reduced. The Internet browser will still load the full image before it is scaled down; visually.

If you need to display an image of 50 by 50 pixels, it makes no sense to upload an image of 1000 by 1000 pixels then scaling it down to 50 by 50 pixels using CSS. Instead of doing this, edit the image to 50 by 50 then upload it.

It is also possible to optimize the images using compression tools. There are several tools that can reduce the size of your image dramatically without affecting the quality. You can reduce the image size by 25% to 80%.

Perfecting Your Email Sales Pitch


The purpose of an effective email sales pitch is to get your audience to read your message and take action. Unfortunately, most people get inundated with emails each day and only open those they recognize from family members, business associates and vendors, or if something strikes their interest. More people are also reading emails on their smartphones because of their mobility. A recent study revealed that 75 percent of respondents would “very likely” delete emails if they couldn’t read them on their phones, according to Marketing Land. Following are some ways to perfect your sales pitch and increase the readership of your emails. 

Use Larger Fonts and Single Columns 
Regarding the technical aspects of your email, use no less than a 14pt. font for content and a 22pt. for headings. People are more likely to peruse your sales pitch if its readable. Similarly, use a single column template for your email. It enables readers to zoom or scroll your message to better fit their screens. 

Avoid Banal Subject Lines 
Many email marketers start their messages with “Read Immediately” or “Got a Quick Question.” These emails are becoming so commonplace that the savvy professional deletes them before reading the ensuing message. Find a common connection between you and your reader and use it as a subject line. For example, say something like, “The File You Requested” or “Follow-up to Last Week’s Meeting.” Ensure the reader that your information is valuable to them.

Content Promotion For Medical Professionals


While business owners in the medical field typically have a wide variety of objectives, optimizing conversion, building a bigger client base, and undergoing perpetual expansion typically top the list. If these are your professional objectives, it’s important to know that content marketing can help you realize your goal. Read the short outline below to learn more about content marketing and how it can benefit your medical practice: 

What Is Content Marketing? 

Attractive Content Marketing
Content marketing is a two-part online advertising process. The first part involves creating content, which can be anything from a blog post to a web article. YouTube videos also count as content. The second part of this marketing process involves publishing the produced content on relevant online platforms. As noted in Forbes, social media channels have become hotspots for the publication of content. In fact, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for their content strategy while 87% use Twitter. Another 84% use Facebook while 74% use YouTube. 

How Does Content Marketing Help Build Your Medical Practice? 

Content marketing helps build your medical practice in several ways. First, it provides prospective clients with information regarding the purpose and value of your institution. For example, you might create a piece of content detailing your company’s use of a PACS system to optimize the management of patient files. You might also use content to provide clients with information regarding policy changes, your mission statement, new office locations, or which forms of insurance you accept. This helps optimize and accelerate the brand recognition process, thereby making conversion more likely. 

Effective Solutions to Some Drawbacks of Email Marketing


Email marketing is supposed to be one of the most effective tools for businesses. Email marketing is extremely helpful in sustaining customer base and also, nurturing new leads. It is definitely a key promotional channel for businesses. However, no matter how fruitful and useful email could be to your business, all your efforts would go to a total waste if your readers do not even bother to open your messages.

With numerous emails coming in every day, readers would be using whatever excuse possible and would be deleting your email. This is the reason why it is vital for you to cleverly craft all your marketing emails so that they are able to engage and interest the target audience instead of being directed to the trash.

Businesses often resort to email marketing as they find it pretty affordable and an effective advertising tool. However, it is important for you to clearly understand the pitfalls associated with email marketing. Here we would be discussing some serious email marketing drawbacks and we have come up with creative and effective solutions to put you back on track toward success.

Drawback #1: You keep on losing contacts as your contacts go on unsubscribing.

Solution: Marketers are well aware of this pitfall. Email list unsubscribes seem to be inevitable. But once you start observing a trend, you should understand that something has gone seriously wrong. Keep in mind that your email audience would comprise different people across diverse industries with varied challenges, so it is essential for segmenting contacts into specific email groups so that you could be sending customized or tailored content.