How Can Instagram Impact SEO?

InstagramBusinesses use social media to build brands, create a relationship with end customers and offer services. You can use social media for enhanced search engine optimization. Whether you use Facebook or its subsidiary Instagram, social platforms are there to deliver far-reaching SEO benefits to your business. In this article, we are going to look into the advantages of using social media platforms, like Instagram to get your site indexed and ranked in search results.

# Brand Building

There is no direct relationship between the reputation or size of a business and its ranking. However, you can approach an Internet marketing company to leverage your reputation as well as size and receive SEO benefits.

Offer end-to-end customer service through social platform

These days many customers complain, make requests or queriesthrough the Internet. You can offer them social media platform for this purpose. You should respond to complaints and inquiries made by customers and make your customers realize how thoughtful you are. An Instagram interaction is more effective than interaction through the company website. Social media shows your customers that they are communicating not with an inanimate entity, but with humans. With prompt response, you can make sure that your business has greater visibility and reach. As a result, you can build links and get SEO success.

The Essential SEO Guide – 75+ Simple Tips To Success (Infographic)


Whether you’re just starting an online business or want to brush up on the basic of SEO techniques, the one thing that comes in handy is a checklist.

Since keeping a tab on all the latest changes and updates associated with SEO can be challenging, a checklist will help you to not only narrow down the important aspects of SEO but it will also help you to improve your productivity.

Thus, with this in mind, here’s an essential SEO guide that will help you to optimize your website for search engine as well as users and help you to make your site’s structure more SEO-friendly.

What does this guide comprise of?

This guide consists of an infographic that comprises of 75+ simple SEO tips that you can implement on your website to improve your site’s ranking as well as traffic.

Guide to Modern Dead Link Building

Dead Link Building
Almost on a daily basis, millions of links become broken. This results from expired hosting, messes when sites migrate and typing mistakes among other things. As much as this may sound like a problem for you as an online marketer, it is not. Broken links offers a myriad of opportunities for SEO link building. The practice has been around for years and it is your duty to make use of it in a manner that benefits your business.

If you find broken links on a site, you can contact the owner to inform him/her of that problem. In return, the owner may be compelled to do you a favor where he includes a link to your site. It is also possible for you to recommend a replacement link whenever appropriate. This strategy relies on the reciprocity principle. All in all, there are a few points you need to remember in dead link building.

Trends That Will Determine The Future Of Digital Content

The evolution of new technological platforms have made the current year an era of content. The manner in which users are viewing content has transformed in a significant way with respect to the changes occurring in the digital landscape. With refreshing announcements happening on a regular basis in both platforms and publishers, the opportunities have dramatically increased for mobile-optimized as well as accessible content. 2015 has been a year of mobile phone revolution that has led to the emergence of ‘smarter content’ which is tailored to suit the form and function of the mobile phone device. Thus ‘smart content’ will provide users with enhanced content experience irrespective of the location they are in.   


Mobile content that is interactive

The mobile content is becoming much more interactive than ever before. Tech Giants such as Apple is all set to introduce a new reader app named Apple News which is about to replace the older Newsstand app. In the news app, each of the media outlets will have their own channel and users will have the option to bookmark their ‘favourite’ topics and publications. The new feature is especially designed to improve the user interaction with news.

Enhanced personalisation and customisation

Thus this app provides users with enhanced personalization abilities in short-listing the articles based on their personal interest. Furthermore, the layout of stories can also be customized as a means to optimize the reading experience in mobile phone. Customization and personalization has found a new found interest among the brands since they consider these two criteria very important in connecting with the audiences.