The Essence of Every SEO Strategy is Content

The Internet is flooded with unorganized, uninformative and, above all, uninspiring posts. This comes as no wonder, seeing as how in a vast majority of cases written content is available online for free. However, make no mistake, the key aspect of every SEO strategy is providing high-quality content. Now, although we can’t all be award-winning novelists, you should know that making an effort to write well can be somewhat rewarding. Here are some ideas on how to make your written content even better.


Writing Quality Content Means More than Simply Getting Your Message out There

The whole point of written content is, of course, getting your message out there. Still, no matter if your goal is entertainment, or persuading people into something, with poorly written texts, the aim might get lost. Even if people do understand your message, chances are that you won’t reach your goal with low-quality content. To tackle this issue, aim at actually setting some time aside for writing your content – keep in mind that with each text, article, or blog post, you get a chance to appeal to more people.

How to Double Your Blog Traffic Using Social Media? Here are 10 Ways


“Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings.” – Rand Fishkin

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—without a doubt, the social media trifecta has become rather popular over the years that we can safely say, most—if not, all of your audiences are utilizing it.

And as a content marketer, you should know how to exploit this trend. As more and more people are getting social media savvy nowadays, it is inevitable that this would become a pivotal factor in boosting blog traffic. In fact, there is much to be said about social media having some leverage over a particular website’s blog traffic. Unfortunately, not all content marketers are proficient enough in harnessing and employing the prowess of social media in boosting blog traffic.  As it has been proven that social media is one of the failsafe ways to not only increase traffic flow to your websites but gain trust as well, it is imperative that bloggers and content marketers alike would know how to exploit this.  To maximize your online buzz, here are a few social media techniques and tactics you can incorporate into your strategy.

1.)     Social Networking Sites

Without a doubt, usage of various social media platforms can give you an edge over your competitors. An effective interaction and participation with customers through social networking platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook would also increase your online engagement and an increase in blog traffic would likely ensue. To maximize these social media platforms benefit, be sure to use features and services such as Discussions, Groups, Fan Pages, etc.

Hottest Web Design Trends of 2016


If you’re thinking about building a new website for your small business, you need to make sure it catches some attention. A website is something that needs constant love and attention. If it doesn’t keep up with the times, no one is going to want to look at your site. Before you begin the design process, make sure you know the hottest web design trends of 2016.

Card Layout

The card layout is where there are squares and rectangles long the screen filled with content. It looks like the main page with your Windows apps. This is a fantastic layout because it gives you bite-sized tidbits of information on the website. Someone can look at the main page and see not only titles but images that will let them know what is behind that door. People seem naturally drawn to the look. It’s futuristic and simple at the same time.


Humans are visual creates. Animations are wonderful for catching the eye. You have to be careful with animations, though. Don’t just stick them on your site to be trendy. They need to add to the story of your website. If you’re selling something that no one has heard of, maybe you can add an animation that tells the customer what it is. This way, they won’t have to look around your website for 20 minutes just to figure it out.

How Wave Analytics Help Non-Profit Get A Detailed Insight?


If you are a non-profit looking to gain instant insight about programs, fund raising to marketing, then Wave Analytics will help you make the biggest impact with the non-profit data. It gives you clear and accurate answers regarding the many question non-profits might have in their mind including the programs that are making the greatest impact along with the campaigns that are actually working in favour of them as well as whether sufficient traction is being achieved through the donors or not. Salesforce Wave Analytics for Non-Profits has been designed to reinvent the analytics for social impact. It makes use of data efficiently in identifying better opportunities that will help non-profits make better decisions much beyond just reports and dashboards.      

Wave analytics is nothing but a cloud-based platform using which any non-profit members within could get instant insights right from their mobile phones or personal computers. Instead of relying on pre-built reports, the data can be easily discovered and quickly queried across their system for getting the most accurate information. By staying within the Salesforce itself, you could coordinate with the team members at anytime and can share the insights with team members in an effective way with Salesforce Wave Analytics for non-profits. One of the biggest benefits that non-profits could avail with wave analytics is its easiness to set up and its scalability which means it would take only a few weeks to get it up and running because it has been built native in the cloud unlike other desktop discovery tools.