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6 Simple Steps to Make Your Website User Friendly

UserFriendlyWebsiteCreating a website that users enjoy visiting and can easily navigate around is incredibly important to turning website users into happy customers. If you see that your website is receiving a lot of traffic, but you’re not getting any phone calls or new purchases, it is probably a good indication that your website is not appealing to your users.

So, how do you create a user friendly website? Here are six simple steps you can take to please your visitors.

1. Clean Layout
Make sure your website is not cluttered with too much information, it does not use colors that may strain the eyes, and your font size is not too small or large. These seemingly small details can actually push visitors and potential customers into leaving your site.

Instead, stick to a more basic, clean layout and design. This typically means a light colored background, usually white, with dark black or gray text. While it may seem a bit boring, it is expected and easiest way to ensure a visitor will read the content on your page.

2. Create a Clear Path
Make sure there is a flow to your content. This doesn’t mean that each page needs to link to the next, but the individual visiting your page should be able to clearly see where the information is going. Have call to actions at the ends of your posts, include ways to contact you for more information, and make sure your content is on brand.

Top 7 Dispelling Enterprise Business Video Conference Myths for 2016

Video conferencing is fast becoming popular and practically ubiquitous options for all the businesses sizes and domains. However there are still a few myths that has been persisting about enterprise business video conferencing and they are explained as follows.

Myth 1: Business Videos are very difficult to install.

This was true a few years ago, but today video conferencing is simple and very easy to set up compared to before. For examples websites like WebRTC would here enable you to make video calls right from the web browser. Simple interfaces as well as advanced codecs and software making hosting a video conference a hassle free job.

Myth 2: Video is just a conversion medium.

Though this is something true in the past, but today businesses have been using videos at every stage of the sales and business process or the activity that you do. Some of the marketers believed and said used to focus on getting videos on to the product pages increasing conversion. While this is a tactic that works well videos tend to be more effective when you have them deployed on social media, on the home page of your website and the last but not the least even in your store.

Leave Behind These Irrelevant Ranking Tactics To Get More Benefit From SEO

seo-searchSEO is one arena where constant changes and new updates are more of a norm than exception. That’s why, digital marketers have to be aware and familiar with any and every latest trends and developments of the industry to take the benefits to brands. Adopting the latest guidelines becomes the only option when search engine optimization is part of your digital marketing strategy.

As search engines use a largely inscrutable algorithm for ranking purposes, marketers have no choice but to being on the right side of the SEO rules and regulations brought on from time to time. Some tactics and methods that may have paid rich dividends once won’t work now, and you got to know that.

Similarly, your approach to optimization activities has to change so that you can adopt rules and tactics that are relevant to the industry. Even at present, there are many irrelevant SEO practices that are part of marketing strategy of businesses and brands alike, which should not be the case. In a sense, only relevant methods are going to pay the desired results, so they should be used.

Let’s look at some of irrelevant SEO tactics that are still used despite their no visible benefits in sight: