InstagramBusinesses use social media to build brands, create a relationship with end customers and offer services. You can use social media for enhanced search engine optimization. While some companies will have their own customer engagement platform, the majority will use the social media platforms that are already established. Whether you use Facebook or its subsidiary Instagram, social platforms are there to deliver far-reaching SEO benefits to your business. In this article, we are going to look into the advantages of using social media platforms, like Instagram to get your site indexed and ranked in search results.

# Brand Building

There is no direct relationship between the reputation or size of a business and its ranking. However, you can approach an Internet marketing company to leverage your reputation as well as size and receive SEO benefits. Some companies focus solely on social media brand management and so may be in a better position to help you with your social media requirements, as well as leverage other forms of brand building to put your business’ name out there.

Offer end-to-end customer service through social platform

These days many customers complain, make requests or queries through the Internet. You can offer them a social media platform for this purpose. You should respond to complaints and inquiries made by customers and make your customers realize how thoughtful you are. An Instagram interaction is more effective than interaction through the company website. Social media shows your customers that they are communicating, not with an inanimate entity, but with humans. With prompt responses, you can make sure that your business has greater visibility and reach. As a result, you can build links and get SEO success.

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You can respond to complaints posted by customers or answer queries made by them. There have been instances where customer grievances have been addressed through social media and the former have been so satisfied that they have expressed their happiness and satisfaction over the same medium.

In the event that you come across repeated questions, you can adopt a unique technique. In the initial days, you should write the answers. When the questions get repeated, you can share the link. This process not only gives answers to the queries of your customers, but also eases the process of reaching out.

When you see questions related to the products or services you offer, you can post photos that answer these questions. With the help of InstaMacro, you can make sure that the post receives an adequate number of followers and likes.

Enhance your online footprint

People trust businesses that have a prominent online presence and a high number of followers. This creates a base for better customer engagement and credibility. With a higher follower base, you can reach out to a larger customer base, thus, increasing lead generation and conversion.

# Relationship Building

When you have strengthened your follower base, you have to decide who the real followers are and to whom you want to reach out. In order to create a relationship with them, you can post photos to their accounts or like the photos they share. It may be time-consuming at the initial stage, but is very effective when you think on a long-term basis.

Request influencers to state their opinions

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When you have posted photos on Instagram, you should ask influencers to state their opinions. They can mention what they would do in a particular situation relevant to the photo or whether they would visit a particular location or not. You may also ask the influencers to add a link, which can highlight their comments and the photos shared on your profile.

Mention influencers

If you want to target influencers, you should mention their names in your content and let them know about it. Share the link on their profile and state that the name of their business or their names have been mentioned in your content.


With brand building and relationship building as strategies, use Instagram as a mean to avail SEO advantages and rank.