Facebook is one of the fastest-growing social media networks with around 2.5 billion active users across the world. Facebook advertising is taking off- in fact in the last 18 months, the number of Facebook advertisers has doubled. Facebook Ads offers an opportunity for all industries. For marketers and agencies like Voy Media, the conversion rate is the top priority. Conversions are not only driving purchases but they are all about driving the campaign goal. The goal might be to increase newsletter subscriptions or add products to the wishlist etc. It is the most important metrics to track while using Facebook Advertising. A good conversion rate is the key to delivering a strong ROI – making it quintessential for marketing experts to focus their efforts on conversion rate optimization marketing.

Peek into this Infographic for the best Facebook rate conversion Strategies to get the boost in ROI.


Facebook Ads can drive the targeted audience and the most effective ads to promote any Business. But is very important to create the best Facebook Ads to grab the audience Interest. To optimize the Facebook Ads Conversion rate, lots of data has to be gathered about the targeted audience. You can use the tools to optimize your ad or hire a digital marketing agency to create effective targeted Facebook Ad campaigns.