Over the years, internet has revolutionised how we market our businesses. More than ever before, companies have access to more resources. For those who embraced the various digital marketing platforms available, 2016 might have been a fruitful year and 2017 is even more promising. If you didn’t reap big from such marketing trends, the coming year presents you with yet another opportunity of enhancing the awareness of your brand. How exactly can you achieve this? Knowing the appropriate marketing strategies to invest in and having an idea of how best to take advantage of them is the way to go. So which marketing strategies do you need in 2017?

Email Marketing

If you have stayed long enough in the digital marketing realm, you might as well know that email marketing guarantees a greater ROI compared to other marketing strategies. You do not need to invest significant amounts in this form of marketing but returns are guaranteed if administered appropriately. For efficacy, you need an active subscription user base. Getting the first subscribers doesn’t have to be a problem. You can take advantage of existing clients and social media followers.

To reap the most out of email marketing, you need to be careful. For new subscribers, you should start by sending them periodic business newsletters. Overtime, you can introduce other promotional contents. The average consumer gets fed up with daily promotional contents so be careful not to be part of the ‘unsubscribe’ list barely two weeks after they have registered for your email services.

Intensive Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media may have been painted as a get rich quick marketing technique in before. You may have invested in social media hoping to convert followers into customers overnight. It doesn’t work that way. In 2017, you will have to play your cards differently. There is a huge networking system in social media but just like any other marketing strategy, it has to be nurtured. What contents attract your audience? Which industry trends do your target audience like identifying with? Social media marketing is all about networking and understanding the needs of your audience.

With appropriate social media marketing strategies, your business will stand chances of gaining better brand visibility, unmatchable reputation and increased inbound traffic from organic links.

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Search Engine Optimisation

You are right. SEO is not dead. It is bound to make even greater surge in the digital market this coming year. To begin with, content will play a huge role, just like any other factor that attracts audience in SEO. To get a larger slice of the SEO cake, you must strive to meet the rising needs of your clients through by providing them with engaging content. For those who are already generating regular pieces of informative content, the future couldn’t have been any brighter than it seems right now. SEO is a ready business, for those who have learnt the tricks. Most of the traffic comes from customers actively searching for your products or services online. If you satisfy their needs, they will not only take longer in your site but also develop into repeat customers.

To make the game winnable in 2017, you must strive to capitalise on onsite SEO. Enhancing the structure of your site to make it, more navigable by search engines is one way of achieving that. You need to focus on your site’s load speed. You should be careful in choosing your host because they services will influence the speed of your site. Go for options like BlueHost with proven record of accomplishments. Even more, your users should find it easy navigating through your site. If it takes users more than a minute to get what they require from your site, then you will have to restructure your website. In 2017, you might want to engage the services of professional SEO experts. With deeper insights from them, you will be standing higher chances of edging out your fierce competitors.

Conversion Optimisation

Most marketing strategies like SEO and social media marketing aim at driving traffic to your site. What happens when they get to your website? Do they interact with your products or download your mobile application? Are there higher bouncer rates? That’s where conversion optimisation comes in. It has everything to do with maximising rate of conversions one visitors get to your site. It also capitalises on increasing the number of conversion opportunities. In most cases however, it emphasizes on strengthening the conversion opportunities in existence.

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This marketing strategy is particularly effective for e-commerce sites and other online shops that generate sales from their sites. To get the most out of it therefore, one might need to analyse existing market trends using software like Google Analytics.

Content Marketing

Attractive Content Marketing

Content is king. You have heard that before; I can bet my Rolex watch on it. In 2017, those who engage their customers through captivating contents will have greater reasons to smile. Depending on your marketing model, content marketing can assume different forms. There lies the obvious option of using company blog hosted on different platform like WordPress. By providing fresh content on a regular basis and incorporating inbound links to the mother site, you can generate more leads to your business site.

Alternatively, you can embrace white papers and e-books to get the message of your site to different audiences across the globe. Observably, this strategy is long-term and might mean being patient before cashing in the benefits. Onsite blog also gives provision for better content promotion. It guarantees more inbound links, which you can easily convert into sales using appropriate conversion optimisation techniques. Lastly, you can take advantage of guest posting to promote quality content. You must be careful with the kind of content you submit for guest blogging. Many people have ended up ruining their reputation through fluffy contents.

2016 might not have been the best year in terms of marketing your brand. By embracing the highlighted strategies and learning from your past mistakes, you can make the coming year different.