In the last few years, YouTube has been at the center of controversy regarding user privacy breaches. In 2019, the company paid $170 million for alleged violations of the Children’s Privacy Law.

Moreover, content restrictions and stringent rules make it impossible for many creators to share their content freely on the platform. This is why they opt for alternatives that offer a wide range of content genres and access.

Whether you need a wider variation of content, better quality content, or better user privacy, here are several video sharing alternatives you can consider.

5 Best video sharing sites

Soon to be, is a peer-to-peer media-sharing platform that allows users to upload any content genre. It is a blockchain-based media platform and payment network used to power decentralize platforms.

As a digital media library, you can store a wide range of content, making it available to your followers at a reduced cost. It is expected to become the media-sharing platform of the future where users can find videos, eBooks, games, and even movies at the touch of a button.


With over 112 million monthly viewers, Dailymotion is one of the biggest competitors to YouTube. There are millions of videos on this platform created by video professionals and amateurs.

Dailymotion has an eye-catching layout in a user-friendly interface that includes a search bar. It is home to high-quality video in a wide variety, which is not always available on YouTube. On this platform, users can upload 1080p content of up to 4GB.


If you have an existing YouTube channel, Bitchute allows you to move your content to the platform by simply adding your YouTube channel ID. This saves you the hustle of having to upload existing content on the platform.

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Bitchute is the perfect place for content that may be censored on YouTube since it promotes free speech.


Locals is a content-sharing platform that acts as a paywall for publishers. While it is a private platform, users retain full rights to their content in their own space within the platform. This is a safe space where you can share video content and start conversations within your community.

To join Locals as a content consumer, you only need to create an account to access free content from different creators. You also have the option for a paid subscription to access subscriber-only content on the platform.


PeerTube is a great alternative to bypass the rules and regulations on YouTube and avail your content to a wider audience. This is a free, open-source, federated, and decentralized video sharing platform powered by WebTorrent and ActivityPub. It uses peer-to-peer tech as a way of minimizing the load on individual servers.

If you are concerned about your privacy online, using any of the platforms above will give you a higher level of privacy online while giving you access to a wide range of content from different creators.