If you are a non-profit looking to gain instant insight about programs, fund raising to marketing, then Wave Analytics will help you make the biggest impact with the non-profit data. It gives you clear and accurate answers regarding the many question non-profits might have in their mind including the programs that are making the greatest impact along with the campaigns that are actually working in favour of them as well as whether sufficient traction is being achieved through the donors or not. Salesforce Wave Analytics for Non-Profits has been designed to reinvent the analytics for social impact. It makes use of data efficiently in identifying better opportunities that will help non-profits make better decisions much beyond just reports and dashboards.

Wave analytics is nothing but a cloud-based platform using which any non-profit members within could get instant insights right from their mobile phones or personal computers. Instead of relying on pre-built reports, the data can be easily discovered and quickly queried across their system for getting the most accurate information. This can be especially useful when digital fundraisers come into the picture, as it becomes easier to obtain relevant data when everything is stored on electronic devices. By staying within the Salesforce itself, you could coordinate with the team members any time and can share the insights with team members in an effective way with Salesforce Wave Analytics for non-profits. One of the biggest benefits that non-profits could avail with wave analytics is its easiness to set up and its scalability which means it would take only a few weeks to get it up and running because it has been built natively in the cloud, unlike other desktop discovery tools. In fact, modern technology is facilitating software solutions not only for optimizing tools for data analytics for non-profits but also for measuring the impact of their activities (such as those provided by companies like UpMetrics) to attract more investors by demonstrating their efficacy.

The answers could be easily found and shared with wave analytics. The ability to provide faster and responsive answers based on the way the questions are being asked and the interactive, easier and beautiful interface makes it an increasingly preferred choice among non-profits. The various datasets could be combined to create dashboards that allow the data to provide users with details starting from fundraising and expanding towards programs, marketing communications and community engagement etc. Tasks can be created easily and then the insights could be shared by collaborating on any device whenever non-profits identify a new opportunity for the programs or donors. Thus it avoids the need for non-profit members to go through the disconnected spreadsheets as well as fragmented analytical tools.

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waveNon-profits are assured to get limitless insight through five actions namely measure, group, filter, view and share etc. Every dataset can be easily navigated right from the mobile phone itself and Wave is considered to be the only platform that makes it possible. The conversations can be initiated around the data and questions from any team members could be answered instantly. Similarly non-profits can also present any new findings with other non-profit members right from the phone itself. Thus non-profits could customize, connect and implement wave analytics instantly whenever required.

The data could be delivered securely with Salesforce Wave Analytics for Non-Profits. It is reliable, native, simply managed and convenient. Non-profits can always ensure that the right answers are offered to the right people with role-based hierarchy controls. Thus these wave apps are designed to help unlock the potential of Salesforce data. Any information can be dynamically discovered to identify the latest trends and also in visualizing the key performance indicators. The mobile-first characteristics of wave analytics is yet another benefit for non-profits as it has been designed to work the best and provide optimized experience for users on tablet computers and smartphones etc.

The presence of built-in tools such as Wave Actions is designed to quickly proceed to the next step once the answers have been found. Tasks can be created, records can be updated and insights could be shared effectively without waiting for data analysts to do these for non-profits. Wave analytics are especially of two types namely Sales Wave Analytics and Service Wave Analytics. The lenses and dashboards are already included within Sales wave analytics and this helps non-profits to uncover enhanced opportunities and also track the overall team performances. Service cloud apps on the other hand are built specifically to provide better service through agent efficiency and channel optimization capabilities. The apps could get up and running within hours once it is plugged to the sales cloud as well as service cloud. Thus non-profits no longer has to bother about complex hardware installations as well as software updates as it performs much better compared to the traditional solutions.

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With Salesforce Wave Analytics for non-profits, the dashboards can be embedded throughout the customer success platform ranging from Sales Cloud to Service Cloud and Community Cloud. Thus the non-profit clients can be provided with a consistent view of data and enhanced access towards new insights with the help of embedded dashboards. Enhanced protection and controls ensure the data of the company is always secure. Thus the entire non-profit team can collaborate effectively and with utmost confidence using every type of device. The entire picture of the non-profit can be viewed easily with the help of free-form navigation of the structured as well as semi-structured data using the wave technology. The presence of a dynamic visualization engine helps non-profit to create visualizations that are compelling and colourful so as to help the team to unlock some of the most important answers. Furthermore non-profits could move through the data quickly with the help of advanced technologies such as better parallel processing and key-value pair data ingestion. End-to-end vertical integration is also made possible with Salesforce Wave Analytics for Non-Profits.