filming-shotTo increase the visibility of your YouTube videos, you have to have great content, but that’s only the beginning. Your terrific content has to be found by an audience to be effective. Along with great content, you have to be able to optimize your videos for search engines and make it easy for viewers to find.

Search Engine Optimization

YouTube Video OptimizationThere are a few places that you can use target keywords to enhance how viewers find your videos. The first place is the title. While Google is the largest search engine in the world, YouTube is second. It should be under 66 characters to be displayed on Google Search. The description should be full of your keywords to help people who are searching for the content that you’re sharing. The first few sentences are what will show up in YouTube’s search results, so be sure that your keywords are in the first part of your description. It’s important to remember your tags as well. You can tag with related keywords and topics so that your videos appear under related content for viewers that might not be searching for your specific keywords. It’ll help your video be noticed by someone who is searching for similar content.

Consistent Content

Viewers are more likely to subscribe to content creators who are putting out consistent content on a regular basis. The biggest personalities on YouTube will have a consistent message and branding that will keep the viewer interested in the topic. If you make video game guides, you can safely do game guides, first looks at video games and all things game related, which will interest your target audience. Sticking with a brand or niche is a great way to get targeted traffic to your channel and videos. People are more likely to subscribe if they know what to expect, and you’re being consistent in your message. They want to see you add content on a regular basis too.

Transcribe the Videos

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You can write a script and upload that transcript to YouTube, which can be used to provide captions to your videos. Subtitling companies can be used to take your transcript and translate it from the current language to another language of your choice. Translation services allow your videos to be more accessible to a bigger audience. Captions and text are implemented into the search algorithm, and they can lead to more clicks from visitors in many areas of the world. You can have your videos in English, Spanish and Chinese if you wanted to appeal to those language speakers. It gives you a broader audience and more views for your videos and products.


When you add video annotations to your uploads, you’re aiming to get viewers to consume more of your content. You can link more videos in a particular series, link to a category or product page on your channel or link to another website if your account has been verified with YouTube. There’s a process for verifying that you’ll have to complete. An annotation is text added to the video itself that tells your viewers what you’d like them to do next. You can create a call to action that tells users what you’d like whether it’s a link to a website, subscribing to your channel or asking for comments. Annotations should remain on the screen for several seconds, so that users have time to click on the link or subscribe button.

These video editing tips will help your videos serve you and serve your viewers better in the future. If users like your videos, you want them to be able to find it easily and be able to consume all the content that you have available whether it’s on YouTube or your own website.

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