Bad SEO PracticesSearch engines consider a website as spam if the website owner considers malpractices in promoting the website. So, it is very important to know the bad SEO practices that could harm the website. Here are some of the facts that you should be aware of:

Link buying: Search engines treat a website spam or redundant if they find irrelevant or unreliable back links. So, you should always be cautious while buying a back link from a link farm or else once search engines tag the website as spam it could damage the ranking and page rank.

Complex coding: Building a website using complex codes makes it difficult for the spiders of search engines to crawl. The robots fail to read the codes and do not consider as relevant to display it on its search engines result page. So, always use a website maker that will allow your website to be built using the simplest codes that search engines can easily crawl.

Consistent updates: Search engines treat a website as relevant when it tracks updates or activities on a regular basis. So, if you want to rank your website on search engines upload content on a daily basis or alternate days because search engine robots can accurately predict the update.

Poor Linking Building: Building links with unreliable and irrelevant websites such as porn, violence, etc are not beneficial and hamper the ranking, Search engines consider such websites as dangerous and so linked to such websites are considered as spam.

Use of no-follow link: Google do not crawl websites or web pages that uses ‘No-follow’ link. It tells search engines not to follow links on the specific. If you want to rank a webpage then don’t use ‘No-follow’ tag.

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Irrelevant keywords: Use keywords that are relevant to the webpage or content. Search engines easily tracks keywords in the content and so use of excessive keywords could tag it as spamming. However, SEO experts advise to use keywords 1-2% of the total words.

Duplicate Content: Duplication of content will also hamper ranking and page rank. If search engine finds copied content then they may backlist the website. So, always upload fresh and unique content to secure rankings in search engines.

DNS setting: Wrong Domain Name Server (DNS) can also hamper your website’s ranking adversely. So, you should be careful while hosting the website and ensure you have the correct DNS.

Invisible text: It is also considered to be an unethical SEO technique and search engines can banned the website from the index. Many SEOs still practice this and try to rank the website on search engines.

Irrelevant redirection of Links:
You should always ensure that the redirection of a URL is properly done to the targeted website or else it can hurt the ranking and page rank of the website. Experts consider it as a significant technique that help search engines crawl the website easily to the targeted web page. But it it is wrongly redirected then the website will get penalized.

So, while promoting your website on various search engines you should be careful about the black hat techniques of SEO so that your website does not get penalized and tag as spam.

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