As a marketing tool, search engine optimization is vital for every single website out there as it is the best way in which site traffic can increase. The problem is that the algorithm used by Google to rank sites is constantly changing. Policies change too. Because of this, SEO specialists are faced with problems and find it quite tough to stay up-to-date with everything.

bloggingEven if SEO is constantly changing, one constant did remain in the past many years: blogging. All search engines favour blogging and the SEO specialists use it in order to climb search engine rankings. Why is that? This is a question that has a really complex answer but the most important factors are mentioned below.

Content Is Vital For Search Engine Rankings
When you look at any blog that talks about blogging, you will notice that there is a huge focus that is put on content. SEO has one main purpose: making sure that people will find a site when they use a search engine like Yahoo, Google and Bing. There are various ranking factors that will have an effect on search results rankings. This includes relevancy and keywords but one vital factor is fresh, quality content.

When looking at the average website, we can clearly see that page content rarely changes. Using a blog is a tremendous way to add new content on a frequent basis. When that content is useful, unique and of a high quality, you will see increases in search engine rankings.

Gaining Extra Backlinks
No matter what some may tell you, the foundation of search engine optimization is still link building. You need to be sure that you get high quality, relevant links in order to be seen as a high authority entity.

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The most important part of a link building campaign is getting backlinks in a natural, organic way. This means that people would link to your content because they see it as quality and they want to link without any financial gain. With a regular company site, the number of links that would be gained organically would be limited. With blogs, the possibility is increased because of the content that is offered. For instance, let’s say that we have a site for a company that sells protein supplements like gundry md. Getting links to it would revolve around those that used the supplements and recommend it. When a blog is added, an article can be written about how to use protein supplements. Another blogger may link to that content and this brings in extra links that you would not obtain without the blog.

If you are not currently using blogging as a part of your SEO campaigns, you have to rethink your entire strategy. Have patience and basically learn everything about it. See how to create a properly optimized blog and then use it in order to increase in search engine rankings. It is really important that your focus is put on the generation of high quality, unique content. There is no better way to showcase that than through a blog.