Scaling or growing your startup business is easier said than done. The initial stages, involving all of the set up, is often the first hurdle which many entrepreneurs fall at. This stage is often full of legal processes, which is why clever entrepreneurs seek help with this stage. There are services that help with governance reviews to make sure you new business is fully compliant with the latest guidelines. If you are an entrepreneur ready to turn your idea into a business, you might want to think about contacting a lawyer who specialises in startups before you start as well. Bolter Lawyers are an Australian law firm which helps new businesses with their startup legals. You could also read and absorb all the how-to guides online about how to hire the best talent or consult financial advisers on how to streamline cash flow. At the end of the day, you’ve probably used up all your energy and resources in an attempt to scale, but you have minimal or no output to show for it. Fortunately, modern technology affords business owners and startup founders the tools they need to expand their commercial conquest more effortlessly and efficiently. Here’s five to start with:

Amazon Web Services
Rather than a single tool, Amazon Web Services is a suite of cloud-based tools and software products that help businesses of all sizes with their eCommerce platform. From building and deploying a web application from scratch to hosting your site with its own domain name, the services are endless. Amazon offers a basic account that is free of charge for one year. With it, you get a modest amount of computing power and resources to get started with an eCommerce platform. Aside from scalability, AWS also makes platform management easier, ensures maximum uptime for your platform, and offers extensive security and compliance measures to prevent hackers and their malware. You can use it to set up the foundations for your eCommerce business and then once you have those in place you’ll know what to look for in terms of SD-WAN requirements, scaling up the business, finding the best software available, etc.

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As you attempt to scale your startup, the tasks become increasingly difficult to bear. From scheduling employee and investor meetings to fulfilling personal obligations and family errands, there are simply too many things on your plate and too little time or energy to do them all. Zirtual helps you manage the workload by providing you with your own personal assistant who can help you with anything and everything. With a virtual personal assistant, you and your employees can devote your resources on tasks that actually move the business forward and leave the menial tasks to Zirtual.

Marketing Platform
Marketing is a mix of art and science, making it a fascinating but also delicate aspect of your business. Marketers attempt to mesh these two sides using tools that meticulously measure the output of their marketing campaigns to see how well it was perceived by their target market. A marketing dashboard allows you to track and manage all your marketing-related data in one centralized location. This one-stop-shop style of managing and storing data allows leaders to collaborate more effectively with their teams.

A customer relationship management system, like Zoho or Salesforce, allows startups to organize customer data and automate certain aspects of customer interaction. CRMs are multifaceted, encompassing marketing, sales, customer service, and IT support. Large companies, such as Wells Fargo and Activision, are using CRM platforms to tailor their product and service offerings to their respective customers’ needs and demands. It not only improves overall satisfaction and customer retention rates over time, but it also lowers the costs since it foregoes conventional methods that are more expensive for newer and more efficient methods, like social media. To learn more about customer relationship management platforms, check out this page on what is salesforce and how you can apply it to your business.

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G Suite
Another suite of software products and services that help you connect with your employees and create, access, and control your business’ data is G Suite. With G Suite email, chat, and video capabilities, your workforce can stay connected with each other from anywhere thus maximizing productivity and output. Other nifty features of G Suite include cutting-edge machine intelligence that allows for task automation, industry-leading cloud infrastructure with robust security measures, and slide formatting that enables creation and design of professional-looking, high-quality presentation materials. You can try out the suite of software products for free for two weeks, after which the basic account starts at just $5 per month.

Final Thoughts
Scaling a startup shouldn’t be rocket science. With AWS running your eCommerce platform, G Suite running your team collaboration, a reliable CRM helping you understand and help your target audience, and Zirtual assisting you with day-to-day workloads, you can quickly achieve the growth rate you are looking for.