Interesting Infographics of 2011: Twitter, Websites, Mobile Video, Gamification & Data Centers

By  MELISSA FACH at Search Engine Journal. Here are 5 interesting infographics we found this week on Twitter, perfect websites, taming mobile video, gamification and data centers in 2011. This is a long page to scroll through, but it has a lot of interesting data. Some of the infographics can be enlarged […]

Google, Facebook Asked to Screen User Content in India : Indian Government Demands Content Censorship

Indian UPA Government Demands Content censorship on Technology Companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft By DAVID ANGOTTI at SEJ India, which has over 100 million active internet users and is the third largest country in terms of internet activity, wants certain types of content screened by technology companies. The India Telecommunications Minister, […]

Future of local SEO market – Positive or Negative? : 6 Key Findings From The 2011 Local SEO Industry Survey

By Myles Anderson at SearchEngineLand If you ask any local SEO what the nature of our industry is like, you’ll get a range of answers from ‘exciting‘ & ‘high-growth’ to ‘ever changing’, ‘full of opportunity’ and ‘challenging’. The local online advertising market has seen strong growth over the last few years and […]