As per the Q3 report of 2018 published by for leading app stores, suggest that there are 2.1 million(approx.) apps available for Android users, around 2 million apps available with apple store for users. The race does not end here Window store, Amazon Appstore, and Blackberry World has its own big database. Today, every company wants to design its own mobile app and prefer it must be listed on the all platforms with top results. However, listing on the top searches is not a child play, app development company requires to pass many filters and keep on updating them. But, don’t panic. Here, we guide you with the most effective ways to get your app featured in the app stores:

  • Creative App Icon Design

While developing a mobile app first thing for consideration is to consider an impressive and attractive App icon. Its design should be distinct, enticing and memorable. App’s icon helps you to stand out in the crowd with ever increasing links. The best thing to create the design is always preferred using color contrasts in relation to your brand or purpose of an app.

  • Create a Universal App

If you build your app only for iOS devices then launch the iOS version first. This is the best way to show your loyalty toward Apple, hence Apple will be more likely to support you. But on the same side, never forget the importance of other platforms like Google Play store, Windows store, Amazon Appstore, and Blackberry World. Google came at the first place for Android users and others also have their own following. Leveraging the services of a Mobile App Development Company such as Sunflower Lab could prove beneficial for you in this case, as professional developers from there can build a functional and intuitive app across all platforms. This way, you might even be able to cut down on costs as your app can be developed for iOS, Android, and others with the same developers.

  • Give Importance To Error-Free Functionality
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App Functionality can make or break your users. An Error-free app is always appreciated by users and they never hesitate to recommend others. So, be ensure twice about the app’s quality before launching it. Make all your app features simple and useful. Easy to use apps are always in high demand by people.

  • Target Your Audience

Targeting the right audience before launching App is an important initiative. Every mobile app development company has its own niche for the audience. So consider them well. For instance, if your app is for children then color contrast from logo to themes are important. For the medical field error-free content matters than images. Targeting right audience also guides you for paid or free apps. As some want to stand out from the crowd and get their app in a paid list.

  • Regularly Update Your App

Regular app updates play a crucial to stand in the competition. Users highly dislike obsolete look app with same old and boring features. On the other side, major App stores also do not like the app with outdated features. Regular Updates helps for better ranking and in engaging more audience Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram’s regular updates are the major reason for their increasing popularity.

  • Optimize Your App Store listing

Some companies tend to ignore page listing or say not give so much attention to app store listing. But remember, when a visitor visits your app and found disgusting and unorganized pages listing, he will simply move without putting efforts to check your app even. This could be the biggest blunder to harm for your brand image. So consider it the most important point, optimize your content description and put some good screenshots that give app brief. Apple and other major app stores also entertain the App whose listing page is brushed up properly.

  • Never Ignore Rating Aspect
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Good rating and reviews are the kings for successful app download. A high percentage of people leave the idea of downloading App just by reading its negative reviews and bad rating factor. Major app stores always think about their profit, so they never recommend the app with bad rating and review rates on top. Although, the rating factors are hard to control and it comes with the user’s direct experience. But developer should encourage users to submit reviews, and look forward to managing negative reviews and keep conversation channel open for user valuable feedback.

Final Words

A quality app is containing update information is highly admired by users. App store is a great opportunity to increase your brand and product awareness among the audience. To create a successful mobile app you need to add valuable features for high engagement and retention of the audience. Most importantly listen to your users what they want to see in your app.