The Internet is flooded with unorganized, uninformative and, above all, uninspiring posts. This comes as no wonder, seeing as how in a vast majority of cases written content is available online for free. However, make no mistake, the key aspect of every SEO strategy is providing high-quality content. Now, although we can’t all be award-winning novelists, you should know that making an effort to write well can be somewhat rewarding. Here are some ideas on how to make your written content even better.


Writing Quality Content Means More than Simply Getting Your Message out There

The whole point of written content is, of course, getting your message out there. Still, no matter if your goal is entertainment, or persuading people into something, with poorly written texts, the aim might get lost. Even if people do understand your message, chances are that you won’t reach your goal with low-quality content. To tackle this issue, aim at actually setting some time aside for writing your content – keep in mind that with each text, article, or blog post, you get a chance to appeal to more people.


Badly written texts tend to bring out a note of unprofessionalism; unprofessionally written content tends to further bring out a note of ridiculousness in an article or post, which finally leads to the readers not really trusting you. This is exactly the cause of dwindled popularity of your website – no one cares about is as they can trust it. It goes without saying, really, that this transcends typo-free texts and you need to pay attention to your article structure, sentence clarity and general phrasing. An award-winning content marketing agency King Content considers quality content the main driving force behind good conversion rates, which is why their Lenovo campaign was proclaimed the winner in the Content Marketing ROI/Measurement Program category with Lenovo.

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Social Media Aspect

Let’s be real here, most online activities revolve around social media websites – the majority of us have profiles on these platforms and check the trends on a daily basis. When it comes to the written content, the higher the quality, the higher the chances are it will be shared on Facebook, or Twitter, thus significantly boosting your popularity. There is no easy way around this – the social media crowd will share your content only if they are first convinced to read the piece in question itself, and then turn out to be satisfied with what they’ve seen. High-quality content is the only way to go here. Poorly written posts won’t be shared on social media and it’s definitely not the way to get your name out there.

Bounce Rates

Improving your ranking in search engines is yet another excellent way to boost the popularity of your content. This is done by lowering your bounce rate, which is achieved by having well-written and nicely structured texts – the readers will actually stay on your website, reading your post throughout, even if they don’t seem to agree with it – well-written content will attract even those that are highly unlikely to agree with what you have written, and this is okay – even if you don’t get social media shares, you will lower the bounce rate and, therefore, rank higher in the search engines. This is not to say, however, that you shouldn’t try and appeal to your readers; after all, being liked is the most important part of written content.

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Although this article doesn’t seem to give any other advice safe for maintaining a well-written, structured, typo-free content, if you look at it closer, it actually provides reasons why having high-quality content on your website is crucial. As a writer, focus on dedicating yourself to each of your articles – this is the best way to reach popularity among your customers and/or readers.