I am quite sure that everyone is aware of the proverb “A picture speaks a thousand words” but what if it is an infographic? Well then you can surely expect it to speak more than a thousand words. Articles with images get 94% more views than the ones that have no images and if you are into Digital Marketing then I am sure that this statistic is very important to you and you shall start working on adding images and infographics in your articles right away.


Source – zabisco

What? Are you still not convinced about using infographics in your articles? Alright, I shall give some more reasons.

Search Demand for infographics has increased by 800%

Yes, you read that right. According to a research by Unbounce, the search demand for infographics has increased by 800% in the last couple of years and with that type of numbers you just cannot avoid infographics.


Source – neilpatel.com

Why has the demand for infographics increased?

Below are a couple of reasons for it:

  • Infographics are a visual way of reaching to your audience and provide them complex information in the simplest way
  • People love it when you provide them facts and figures as it makes a concept more believable

Infographics provide great visual appeal

Infographics grabs the attention of the reader as they are visually appealing. They have colors icons, images that make them very pleasing to the eye. Usually the reader skims through the article and therefore may miss out on some of the important information but if the same information is provided in the form of infographic then you can be sure that it will be seen by the reader. If you don’t believe this, then next time when you are going through any article just see what catches your eye first.

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Some tips to create visually appealing infographics:

  • Use images but only the relevant ones
  • Use colors that fit the topic you are talking about
  • State facts and figures
  • Add some humor in the infographic if your topic allows

Infographics saves a lot of time of the reader

Time is money and your reader surely believes in this saying. By adding infographics in your blogs or any other content form you save a lot of time of your readers which I am sure is appreciated by them. Through infographics, complex things become really simple, therefore saving a lot of time that is taken to understand a concept. For example, if you want to compare two or three things at a time then presenting it in an infographic or tabular form is advisable rather than having it in text only form.

Chances of going viral are higher

As mentioned above, infographics are easy to read and time saving and thus the chances of people sharing them are quite high. If you have created an infographic that has good colors and some great content then your readers will definitely want to share it with others.

Also, while adding the infographic in your blog make sure you also add an embeddable code, so if someone likes your infographic and if they want to embed it on their website then they can use the code. It’ll help you to generate a backlink as well.

To increase the number of shares you can also submit the infographic on infographic submission sites. Here is the list of 100 infographic submission sites.

Portray you as a Thought Leader

A lot of knowledge and research goes into the making of an infographic. An infographic generally states the lesser known facts in the most convincing way. So, if you are creating an infographic, it automatically means that you have a lot of knowledge on that subject and therefore it helps you to build an image as a though leader in that particular field.

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3 Tools that will help you to make awesome infographics


Canva is a tool that will help you to create some really amazing infographics for free. Not just infographics, but you can use Canva to create graphics for social media postings as well.


Piktochart again is a great tool that will help you to transform your boring data into engaging infographics. Piktochart’s customizable editor lets you modify color schemes and fonts, insert pre-loaded graphics and upload basic shapes and images.

If you are using a free version then you can use upto three themes and to explore more options you can upgrade to Lite or Pro plans costing $15 and $29 respectively.


Infogr.am is a free tool that gives you the access to wide range of graphs, charts and maps and also the ability to upload pictures and videos to create great infographics. It also helps you to share your infographics on social media.

So now I am sure that you are convinced that having images and infographics in your content are must and by using the above mentioned tools you’ll become a pro in making them. If you have any doubts or suggestions then do mention them in the comments and I shall get back to you at the earliest.