“Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings.” – Rand Fishkin

Are you trying to find out How to get traffic to your SEO Blog? Well, social media might be the answer you’re looking for. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-without a doubt, the social media trifecta has become rather popular over the years that we can safely say, most-if not, all of your audiences are utilizing it.

And as a content marketer, you should know how to exploit this trend. As more and more people are getting social media savvy nowadays, it is inevitable that this would become a pivotal factor in boosting blog traffic. In fact, there is much to be said about social media having some leverage over a particular website’s blog traffic. Unfortunately, not all content marketers are proficient enough in harnessing and employing the prowess of social media in boosting blog traffic. As it has been proven that social media is one of the failsafe ways to not only increase traffic flow to your websites but gain trust as well, it is imperative that bloggers and content marketers alike would know how to exploit this. To maximize your online buzz, here are a few social media techniques and tactics you can incorporate into your strategy.

1.) Social Networking Sites

Without a doubt, usage of various social media platforms can give you an edge over your competitors. An effective interaction and participation with customers through social networking platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook would also increase your online engagement and an increase in blog traffic would likely ensue. To maximize these social media platforms benefit, be sure to use features and services such as Discussions, Groups, Fan Pages, etc.

2.) Blogs and Blog Comments

Contrary to what you have popularly believed, the comments section of your article is not only reserved for your audience and commenters. It is in fact, one of the ways you can improve your page rank. Blogging is one of the most effective means to increase back links to your website, but posting links to relevant blogs in the comments section would also be a way to get website traffic. Just make sure you do not spam!

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3.) Getting listed in Business Directories and telephone directories

Another way of improving traffic is to submit your websites to web directories and telephone directories. Additionally, improving your page rank can be done through having your website’s links listed in business directories. To maximize keyword potential in search engines, submit links with the corresponding keywords.

4.) Articles

One guaranteed way to ensure traffic to your web page is to submit guests posts to web pages with more or less the same niche as you do. Similarly, submitting your unique and exciting articles to websites that feature articles will increase visibility.

5.) Get on Twitter

Twitter might be considered as a microblogging tool, but it has tremendous and incredible potential for generating traffic onto your web pages if you know how to exploit it well. Get creative and think of witty and catchy phrases that might draw attention to your blog. Lastly, do not forget to link your blog to your tweet.

6.) Share your content on Facebook

Facebook is teeming with audiences left and right. This knowledge should be enough to pique any content marketer or blogger’s interest. Apart from just setting up a Facebook page for you website, continuously share some of your website’s content on Facebook as well as it provides a wider scope in reaching audiences.

7.) Ask others to promote your blog on social bookmarking websites

There is no harm in asking for help. Besides, you will never know if one of your audiences might be affiliated with websites that feature social bookmarking such as Reddit, DIGG, and Stumbleupon. This is something you can do yourself, however, exercise caution in the frequency of doing so. Some sites may penalize multiple submissions from the same user. So from time to time, stagger your submissions.

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8.) Write catchy headlines that people would want to share

Promoting your content and getting more blog traffic does not have to be a one-man show. By now, you should know that your audience can do it for you. However, there is a catch: You must write a beguiling and witty headline. This headline is a preview to what your content holds, so you should be very creative in creating one. So much so, that you could invite audiences to read your content and encourage them to share it as well.

9.) Do Press Releases

Another effective way to get massive amounts of exposure for your business is to do online press releases as it offers you an opportunity for viral publicity. Create different kinds of press releases about your company and your services and make sure it is catchy and keyword enriched. Effective ones would get you a good amount of visitors and back links, so ensure that you anchor texts that would link back to your website.

10.) Write compelling content

Without a doubt, if you want your content to be read and shared by your audiences, you would need to create exceptional ones.–one that would surpass the quality of your ordinary blog and one that would entice your readers to keep coming back for more. When it comes to boosting blog traffic, this strategy remains universal as you can never go wrong with riveting and information-rich content.

Without a doubt, SEO (search engine optimization) has been making waves. If you want to propel your blog and business to new heights and then you should definitely let the prowess of link building services aid you.