Online marketing is vital to your company’s survival in 2018. As technology moves at a rapid pace, old businesses are dying because they refuse to embrace the internet and the digital strategies that come with it. Avoid being left behind in your marketplace. Listen to Disney and use the following online marketing trends that are sure to boost your brand and your bottom line:

Failing to automate your marketing is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Manually entering in posts, syndicating content, and creating digital assets is something that will sink your productivity. You shouldn’t even have a low level employee do this. Instead, embrace software and the automation it affords you.

For email marketing, you can schedule email blasts to go out at a certain time. This allows you to reach your audience at the perfect time, such as when they back from work or using their inbox on the weekends.

And luckily, you can also automate responses in your chats on FB or even email. Simply plug in your canned responses and let the code do the work. This can streamline your customer service, sales, and marketing processes so you have less time wasted and more energy to spend on higher level concepts.


Video is the king of the internet right now. Written content is harder for people to connect with for many reasons. First of all, it is dense visually. Second of all, literacy rates are still not high in certain areas. And thirdly, it is not as easy as clicking “play” and receiving an experience.

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These are among the many reasons that video has taken off recently, whether it be for ecommerce marketing, chiropractic marketing, event marketing, or any industry. Video content is visually exciting and auditorily stimulating.

Video feels almost as if the person talking to you was right in front of you. It is a great relationship building tool to make people like you. And that is who people buy from, those they know, like, and trust. So no matter what kind of business you operate, make sure video is a part of your strategy.

Big data is changing the game for digital marketing. With so many analytics available, you can see what products are working and which ones need to be scrapped. Make sure you don’t let your data just sit there, come up with a plan to put it to use.

Social media has changed the world. It no longer takes days to communicate via written letter. Today, anyone can post anything and everyone will see it. It gives voices to smaller companies in crowded market. This is a great asset for you. It means that without spending a lot of money you can enjoy higher returns on your time investments. You can even respond to crises in real time and take control of the narrative before the media does.

Direct Response
If you want to improve the results your online marketing is getting you, learn direct response copywriting or hire someone who knows it. Direct response does away with the old marketing theme of getting “known” and rather focuses on getting sales right now. It persuades visitors to click, subscribe, and buy. That way, your cash flow goes up while your expenses stay the same.

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To have a great direct response campaign, make sure you are using the right approach. Always have scarcity in your offer, like a limited availability or time. And use social proof like testimonials all throughout your marketing for the best results.

In today’s world, you cannot afford to lose out on digital marketing’s many benefits. You can reach more people and for less money than ever before. However, you need to actually use the tools and strategies above. Otherwise, your competitors could end up taking more marketshare as you fall behind. So implement at least a few of the techniques above today so you can enjoy more profits and peace of mind.