Did you know that the number of active social media users has already crossed the coveted 4-billion mark?

Similarly, you should also know that some 1/3rd of the traffic to websites is driven by social media alone.

Further, while 97% of marketers use some form of social marketing to propel their business ahead, a good 92% find these networks important.

What’s more, every 3 out of 4 adult internet users leverage social media in one or another way while 55% of all buyers use these networks to research a product…

The stats or figures above give a clear indication of the depth and popularity enjoyed by social media. It’s also an indication of the ever-growing utility of these platforms for business.

Just like how most small businesses tend to consider relying on companies that are involved with tax resolution filing status for their tax solutions and accounting, they can also incorporate these social media platforms for their growth.

Social media and small businesses

Social media has opened a world of prospects for small businesses and sort of, brought a level playing field to the domain of internet marketing. So, small or mid-sized firms can also leverage social platforms to their advantage. However, in order to make good use of these platforms, one needs to ensure that they have all the necessary electronic equipment. It could be anything ranging from a laptop to a digital camera. You could continue reading for more information on Micro Center or other similar websites.

Social media impacts and helps small businesses at many levels, including –

  • Small businesses can get a wider market without a huge investment
  • A demographics-based marketing is possible at bare minimum costs
  • Measurable results and flexibility with marketing are now a reality
  • Time-specific and market-centred goals cab be realized at low cost
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Tips for small businesses to benefit from social media

Small businesses should know the depth of social platforms such as Facebook (1.5 billion monthly active users), Twitter (320 million monthly active users), LinkedIn (400 million monthly active users), and YouTube (1.6 billion monthly active users) and so on. They can leverage them without a well-planned strategy in place.

Here are tips to leverage social media –

1# Outline your social media plan

To benefit from social media, you need to have a plan in place. This plan includes knowing the audience, platform to use, content to share and goals to achieve. The goals can be flexible and may change from time to time but surely not other plans.

2# Schedule and post content across channels

Once the plans are in place, you can then start sharing content (images, infographics, videos etc.) across channels. There are tools to schedule the content in advance. Since you know which site or channel to post the content, the focus should be on making them more shareable.

3# Track your social media presence

Once the contents are posted and actions initiated, you should start tracking your social media presence. This way, you can see what works for the business, what keeps the target audience engaged and what falls flat. Track you posts, links and content and see what is having plusses and misuses.

4# Add value to users

Your posts should add value to users. In fact, your social media presence should help users in one way or another. The focus should be on guiding users and informing them about your products or services or mission in a subtle way. You should understand customers’ pain points and then keep the content on the same line.

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5# Analyse your competitors

It’s important to know what your competitors are doing on social networks. What keywords they use, what posts they share, what audience they cater, their conversion strategies etc. should be known and kept an eye on. This lets you re-strategize and make your presence more beneficial. You must know what your competitors are benefiting from and then apply some lessons into your marketing initiatives.

In a nutshell, we can see how social media can’t be ignored and how it should be capitalized upon.