Instagram is the most popular social media platform with a user base growing at a rate faster than any other social platform. It has also become one of the most used sites by users to interact with business enterprises.

Best Tips to Get Leads on Instagram

In this blog, we have jotted down 10 most effective tactics that could help you get more leads through your Instagram profile.

Instagram Lead Generation Ads

The lead generation Ads of Instagram helps business users to collect important personal information about the audience including their contact information to know about their needs and requirements. The more you learn about your leads, the more impactful the marketing tactics will be to grasp their attention.

With the help of Instagram Ads, you can spot look-alike audiences on the same platform by identifying similar profiles. This will increase the visibility of your posts.

How to Set Up Instagram Lead Ads?

  • You must first have to start Instagram business page to make use of this feature.
  • One can convert your Instagram account to a business account through the settings menu.
  • You will simultaneously need to create a Facebook page for your business.
  • Go to the “Ads Manager” menu, choose “lead generation” and proceed ahead.

Work on Putting up an Interesting Bio

Your Instagram profile bio should be appealing enough to catch the eyes of your visitors. How to make that happen? Firstly, make the best use of the space provided to describe your products and services. Explain how they will address the needs of the users in an attractive manner.

Instagram also allows you to add a URL link in your profile. This allows you to drive the attention of your customers wherever you wish. This could be your website landing page, the link of a new product/service being recently launched or any other online content concerning your brand. Do not miss out on adding such a link to your bio.

Work on an Appealing Landing Page

You can successfully make a user click on your URL link and land on your webpage. But make sure they do not regret such an action. Designing an appealing landing webpage drives your visitors to dig deep into the website and check out your products. The landing page should be a good combination of images, videos to catch the eyes along with being highly informative about what you are offering.

Make Use of Options Buttons Like a Pro

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It is important for every business to establish proper communication with their visitors to convert them into leads. Instagram allows its business profile users to add several action buttons to their profiles. It allows different ways of communication like text, call, and email. You can add an action button by clicking on the “contact options” in “edit profile”.

Besides the above action buttons, you can also add third party action buttons to direct the visitors to make a purchase or reserve a booking or any avail other services as per the requirement of your business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is highly effective for new lead generation. Choose an influencer with a good follower base, credibility and brand affinity. Some influencers buy their followers meaning that, although they appear to have lots of followers, their engagement is low. However, according to a new nitreo review, nitreo boosts both followers and engagement so this may not be true for every influencer who has had a helping hand. Influencers with good credibility can highly influence their followers to try your products. This move serves quite useful for young business entrants in the market. However, you should carefully choose your influencer marketing partner.

Communicate with Your Users

It is important to frequently engage in conversations with your users and followers in the comment section or through direct messages. No matter if you grew through using the best Instagram growth service you could find, or have 100% organically grown into your position, this is a vital step to take. Communicating with them would help in learning more about their needs and queries thus helping you take corrective actions to address the same. This helps in building a long-lasting bond with your customers.

Organize Instagram Contests

A great way to excite your followers once in a while is to organize Instagram contests. Held contests and promise your users amazing gift hampers by asking them to follow a set of instructions to follow like liking your post, commenting and tagging their friends, sharing it in their stories and so on. These actions increase the scope of your content thus helping you generate more leads. When it comes to hashtagging your competitions, there are some mistakes with hashtags to avoid, so make sure to brush up on that before your next giveaway.

Share User’s Post

Your customers singing your praises is a great way to make new audiences gain trust in your products and services. Besides sharing sponsored posts, focus on identifying posts that are shared by your existing customers praising your products. Share them in your posts and stories for your visitors to know about your customers’ experience with your brand.

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Sharing your users’ posts will also encourage more and more users to post about your products and services with the hope of getting featured on your page and earning a little publicity among their followers.

Make Use of Instagram Stories and Live Videos

Try to always be active on Instagram and make your presence in Instagram stories and live videos. They are a great way to update the public about new content and be in your user’s mind always. You can also go live about your new products thus directly communicating with the viewers of the live video. However, you should keep in mind to provide value to them through every post you make

Use swipe up feature in your stories to add a link. You need to have more than 10K followers to use this feature. After uploading a story, click on the “chain” icon to add the link before posting it. And, if you are unsatisfied with your likes and followers there are companies that can help you to increase both the numbers. Check out articles from websites like Influencive (for example, to know more about buying automatic Instagram likes.


A popular medium for uploading engaging video content is the IGTV feature of Instagram. 90% of customers prefer watching a video about a product than to read about it. With IGTV, your videos will not unnecessarily clutter the newsfeed of your audience and won’t have a duration limit as well. IGTV also allows you to add a clickable link on the video irrespective of your followers’ size.


If you are into an industry that deals in travel, beauty, fashion, auto or any other that benefits through visual storytelling, then your presence on Instagram is indispensable for the success of your business.