Windows PhoneApp developers are always on the lookout for the best platforms in the market. Windows phone has already offered its users with a wide range of slim apps and it is one of the most powerful today.

Why Develop Slim Apps for Windows Phone?

Microsoft came up with the latest operating system for mobile phones and that is the Windows Phone. The phone app platform is actually providing those who are interested in mobile app development with two frameworks – Silverlight framework and the XNA framework.

If you are interested in application development, you need to be aware that the Silverlight framework is for Xml-based and event-driven apps while the XNA framework is used to make games. Many are used to other phones using other platforms (like the options), so this could be an adjustment.

Making money with app development is not as hard as you think as long as you know the right choices. Though some developers focus on the iOS platform of Apple, many of those who want to achieve success over a short period have now turned their attention to the Windows Phone.

Statistics show that the market share for Windows Phone apps is around 2% in comparison to the very large share of Apple’s iOS. Still, the benefits are greater for app developers despite the feeble stats. If you visit the Windows Phone Store, you can access around 110,000 apps. Hence, the competition is still good.

Even with reasonable download rankings, slim apps for Windows Phone have stood out and this is made possible through the multi-lane highway followed by Microsoft. As an app developer, you must be aware that the Windows Phone Store can be accessed in about 191 countries all over the world. This is much higher than that of Google Play and iOS (155).

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The Windows Phone application director, Larry Lieberman, has already announced that this is the perfect time for the Windows Phone to enter the competition. With the release of Windows 8, more and more users will be familiar with the interface. Many users are looking forward to a cross-platform experience, and this is possible with the slim apps selection.

Windows Phone Store used to be Windows Phone Marketplace, but the newly launched store offers more capabilities and new features. With the sophisticated algorithms and the many inputs obtained from users, the strength of slim apps can’t be denied. Positive signs are backed by inputs such as crash rates, trajectory, and downloads. If you are an app developer who can deliver quality applications, this is the time to shine.

Because of the power provided by Bing, there is more to the Top Paid and Top Free lists. You can also enjoy other categories like New Rising, Best Rated, and Picks for You, and Collections. Through these categories, the slim apps selection is sure to become more powerful in the coming months.

The battle for getting the top position in other app stores is too great, but with Windows Phone, there is a better opportunity. If you want to make it big as an app developer or even if you’re just starting out, this is the time to be part of Windows Phone apps.

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