The evolution of new technological platforms have made the current year an era of content. The manner in which users are viewing content has transformed in a significant way with respect to the changes occurring in the digital landscape. With refreshing announcements happening on a regular basis in both platforms and publishers, the opportunities have dramatically increased for mobile-optimized as well as accessible content. 2015 has been a year of mobile phone revolution that has led to the emergence of smarter content’ which is tailored to suit the form and function of the mobile phone device. Thus smart content’ will provide users with enhanced content experience irrespective of the location they are in.


Mobile content that is interactive

The mobile content is becoming much more interactive than ever before. Tech Giants such as Apple is all set to introduce a new reader app named Apple News which is about to replace the older Newsstand app. In the news app, each of the media outlets will have their own channel and users will have the option to bookmark their favourite’ topics and publications. The new feature is especially designed to improve the user interaction with news.
With more users shifting to their smartphones for almost everything, from reading the news to playing games, every industry is looking to shift to the digital world, including casinos that are going online and leveraging digital tools to make their platforms more interactive and immersive. Who knows what transformations could happen by 2021?
Enhanced personalisation and customisation

Thus this app provides users with enhanced personalization abilities in short-listing the articles based on their personal interest. Furthermore, the layout of stories can also be customized as a means to optimize the reading experience in mobile phone. Customization and personalization has found a new found interest among the brands since they consider these two criteria very important in connecting with the audiences.

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Curated Content

It is not only brands like Apple that have started to introduce curated content, brands such as Snapchat is also about to introduce their own content in Discover. Even Spotify and Reddit are considering the production of their own audiovisual content which will help them diversify their video streaming offerings.

Video content that is completely immersive

It is a trend that has been much awaited and will become a popular phenomenon among users once it is introduced. Brands such as Facebook and GoPro have decided to develop virtual reality by investing huge money and time. Fully immersive video content and such emerging technologies is set to transform the way in which users interact with the surroundings in a realistic and exciting manner.

Virtual Reality Gaming

We already know how popular mobile games are, from the well-loved Bingo Clash, to the more niche yet engaging ones like Call of Duty or Clash of Clans. Now, gamers have something to cheer about with Sony brand expected to launch Project Morpheus in the year 2016 which would be a virtual reality headset especially designed for PS4. As of now, almost 21 virtual reality designed games have been announced and the coming years would see the number of these games to increase in significant numbers. If you’re looking to purchase quite a few of the games, the likelihood is you’ll need to get a good PS4 hard drive upgrade to ensure you have enough space for all of them!

Google Glass 2

With the popularity increasing for engaging immersive content in the virtual environments, Google will be focusing more on Google Glass 2′ which is considered to be the second generation of its wearable technology. However an official announcement regarding Google Glass 2 has not been made by Google so far, the rumours regarding the next generation Google Glass has been making rounds in the technology industry.

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Smarter Content

Most of the publishers and platforms are in a hurry in monetizing and personalizing content by means of researching and developing smarter content and the way it is displayed. The way we view content is all set to transform in a very significant way in the year 2015 considering the rapid technological changes that are evolving regularly in the technology industry.

Content that is relevant

Even though every latest development provides both users as well as businesses with a new sense of hope and excitement, brands must remember that the needs and requirements of the audience have to be kept in mind. Brands will have to understand the type of channels the users are adopting and must tailor their services so as to reach the technological platforms that are quite relevant for them. Brands must also remember that one size fits all’ content strategy will not be necessarily successful with all the technological platforms simultaneously. A content that works well with the mobile phone audience might not necessarily be as successful with the desktop computer users.


The content marketers have to do adequate research to stay completely updated with the latest trends occurring in content niche especially in this ever-changing technological landscape. They must always keep in mind the above mentioned trends that are set to introduce newer dimensions to the way future digital content is going to be considered in the days to come.