Online advertising is one of the most prominent ways of earning money out of the internet. Today as people has developed a resentment to the ideas of banner ads companies such as Taboola & Outbrain has emerged on to the picture.

Before we mention how google adsense dominates over Taboola & Outbrain we must first understand the origin and functions of these services that sets them apart.

The History and Features of Taboola
taboola-logoTaboola is a content advertising start up by Adam Singolda started in the year 2007. It was created with the concept of providing the best results from the user’s search. The format was somewhat similar to providing google search result in reverse order, building on the idea that all the information you were looking for will find you in the right time. After Taboola went through a shocking acquisition it reported a revenue of 250 million catering to almost 1.5 billion recommendations for more than 400 million users. The major publications that avail the services of Taboola are BBC, USA Today, The Boston Globe etc…

The History and Features of Outbrain
outbrainOutbrain is another content advertising company founded by Yaron Galai. Yaron is one of the most sort after names in the field of online advertising starting with his 3 earlier ad companies which exited successfully, Outbrain was different because of the aversion of the company to put up with banner ads. Outbrain almost makes about 180 billion references to about 550 million audiences with a gross profit of 99 million dollars. The major clients of Outbrain are CNN, NBC News, Fast Company etc…

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How Google AdSense is a better advertising platform?
Google Adsense and SEOGoogle AdSense founded in the year 2003 by Google Inc. is defined as simple platform for interactive advertising for content sites. The main feature that sets apart Google AdSense from other services such as Outbrain and Taboola is the sorting and administration of the advertisement done by google. The sheer power of google can be seen by observing that every other advertising services try to run on the search engine provided by google. 22% of the total revenue obtained by google comes in from AdSense. Here are some major features that sets AdSense apart from its counterparts.

  • Focusses on the geographical location of the user more precisely than anyone else.
  • Provides the feature of AdWords which does not come as secondary banner ad.
  • Creates Ads which are relevant to the content on the website it’s being advertised on. ( Taboola and Outbrain both lack this feature)
  • AdSense keeps its reputation by prohibiting promotional writing such as “Click On this link” providing an illusion of the user being in charge.
  • Since google is the most used search engine, the ability of google to provide precise advertisement based on recent searched keywords provides an astounding effect on advertising making AdSense dominate over any other Ad services.
  • Click fraud is never allowed in AdSense and has often been subjected to criticism due to this principle.
  • Provides users the ability to change the appearance of the Ad to their convenience

With much more internet based marketing firms coming to picture we have the ability to harness these service providers to earn income out of the internet. Content marketing with integrated services such as AdWords are very useful to lure in more customers for your campaigns. Taboola and Outbrain are also usable platforms depending upon your need and financial budget. But in case you are planning for an intensive online marketing campaign there is no other service provider that can provide you with the features that AdSense can. This can be true in the case of any form of marketing and advertising not just text or multimedia.

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If you are trying to market your firm online or your website keep in mind to always choose the right service provider because if not done perfectly it will cause more harm.