SEO AnalysisYou may be familiar with a helpless situation where you cannot make an instant SEO analysis of your website. As the internet holds the first position for any type of resource and tool, it made it easy to do our tasks quickly with less effort. Of course, not everyone has the time to spend on their SEO tactics, especially if they have other elements of the business to look after but there are affordable SEO services in Cape Town, London, in fact, anywhere in the world! So everyone has the chance of creating a great site. Anyhow, here are the top tips that can be used to make a perfect SEO analysis.

Value domain name and extension
As we all know, domain name is the most important SEO factor of a website. If a domain name contains popular keywords in it, the SEO score will be good. Also high level domains are easy to optimize as they are more trusted by users.

Quality of content
Having spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in website content will affect negatively in SEO. According to search engines, they value only useful websites that could be useful for visitors. For example, if a site is about internet marketing and providing inaccurate information in articles, it is sure that the site will get only low SEO score.

Check the readability of content
The readability of the content can be taken as an important factor in SEO analysis. Websites that are full of readable content and easy to navigate will score good marks in SEO. If the content is not easily readable, the SEO score will be low for that website. This can be a little complicated when it comes to technical website, as the content in there can seem difficult to comprehend for certain people. For such a case, a technical seo agency should be able to help you out as they would have enough experience and knowledge to know how to make such content readable.

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Websites must be ADA compliant
These days, websites should be ADA compliant. This means that the ADA act, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, calls for electronic data and website content, in general, to be accessible and available for those with disabilities. You can find out more about this online should you suspect it applies to you. Of course, when it comes to SEO, it is important to keep this in mind.

Value incoming links
When coming to organic SEO, each incoming link is counted. Also the SEO score will depend on the quality of incoming links. There are a lot of tools on web to find all the backlinks of a website. You may use them and value those backlinks for including it in the SEO analysis report.

Check for meta tags
Meta tags are much useful to optimize a site for search engines. You may check whether the site contains Meta tags. Check whether each page contains unique Meta tags. Also make sure that Meta tags are optimized according to current keyword trends in search engines.

Value heading tags
Nowadays this is one of the most important factors to take care when preparing a good SEO report. Heading tags on a site should be optimized as H1 for main heading, H2 for subheading and so on. Check whether they are done properly.

Check for robots.txt file
This is the only way to tell a search engine which pages to crawl and not to crawl. You may use a free SEO analysis tool to find the presence of robots.txt file on a site. Then include the presence or absence of robots file in the SEO analysis.
Check for sitemap
Having a sitemap makes the user able to easily navigate your site. Also it makes a site more SEO optimized. You can check the presence of sitemap on a site without any tool. If the site contains sitemap, there will be footer link like “sitemap”.

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Use free online tools
There are a lot of free online tools available on web that can be used to instantly analyze a website. They will give you more detailed results. You may use these tools to create a perfect SEO analysis for your client. Alternatively, if you would like a more professional analysis, you can get in touch with a service similar to this Sugar Land SEO company who may be able to give you the analytical support your website needs.

Creating a stunning SEO analysis is that much easy now. Above tips will be useful to provide better SEO analysis to your client.