Remove Bad Link Using Google Disavow ToolIn today’s online world, most of the businesses whether it may be a small or big corporate, run behind the SEO services to make their physical business reach the top through online. But, Google always introduce some new tools in favor and against of SEO. As well, Google revealed its new anti spam tool named Disavow tool in April 2012, which reduced the stress of most webmasters.

This tool helps greatly in removing the unnatural inbound links. This specifically can be used to ignore the links that harm the website’s rankings. So, how could you know whether your website have unnatural link or not? If your website has been affected by penguin update then you would not have the chance to get the message from Google webmaster’s tool. The message regarding the unnatural links or spam webmaster tool, then manual spam action has been taken and not penguin action.

Inorganic links:

In order to remove all the bad links available for your website, run a detailed checking of inorganic links. The links may be obtained through

  • Link exchanges

  • Low quality articles

  • Low quality submissions

  • Paid links

  • Fake profiles

  • Blog spamming

  • Blog rolls and anchor texts

Use this tool for:

  • To prevent a website from harming links which affect the website’s ranking.

  • Help a website to get avoided from domain ban, penalty by major algorithms like panda and penguin.

  • Finding and disavowing bad links for concerned pages.

Guide to Disavow tool:

Before start disavowing the links, it is highly important to evaluate the quality of links as there is a chance to reduce the performance of the website. If the link you have evaluated seems to be of low quality and spam, then mark it as unnatural link. Put all the spammed links in an excel or text file with not more than 2MB. Specify from which you need to disavow link,

  • Upload the particular page in which the links need to be disavowed.

  • Specify the entire domain, if need to remove the bad link from the entire site.

  • Make use of # symbol to specify the spam blog comment or article that you have related to.

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Now, log in to the webmaster tool and upload the file that has prepared to disavow links. This tool will remove the unwanted links that are listed in the .txt or .csv file.


But, it is highly necessary to be cautious while using this tool as it may be an advanced tool but when used incorrectly can harm the site’s performance in Google’s search results. Be sure, whether you definitely need to use this tool.

  • There is chance to remove good links.

  • Upload it as text file and be confident whether you give one URL per line.

  • Use “domain:” to disavow domain links.

Use this tool; if you are sure with the considerable number of spammed, artificial and low quality backlinks.