If you are not keeping up with the latest changes and updates on SEO, you are bound to make quite a few SEO mistakes that can hurt your site’s traffic as well as ranking. Search engine optimization techniques keep on changing frequently so that it won’t be misused by website owners and thus if you fail to adhere to them & don’t make the necessary changes on your website, it can affect your business growth.

Moreover, since SEO is the key factor that can provide you long-term benefit, it is important that you find & fix these common mistakes, before they can harm your website’s performance and your brand’s credibility

So what are these common SEO mistakes?

1. Slow PageSpeed and Response Time
2. Missing Sitemap
3. No Social Media Presence
4. Poor Content Quality
5. Irrelevant Images
6. Keyword Stuffing
7. Non-responsive Website
8. No Interlinking of Web pages
9. Ignoring Local SEO
10. Broken Links

The above-mentioned SEO mistakes are just a few common mistakes that you need to rectify. However, to better optimize your site, here is an SEO mistakes infographic that you need to look into. This infographic has listed down the 25+ common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid and provides you helpful advice on how you can fix them.