SEO Content WritingIn the current internet marketing scenario, Search Engine Optimization and content writing are two faces of the same coin. The search engines have now turned very intelligent and only content can assure survival as well as growth of a website. Henceforth, content writing has evolved as a serious business. There are many minute points in this field that can change the entire game; can make losing team, the winner. And this article deals with the same details about SEO content writing (both challenges and solutions).


No war is won without challenges, and the battle at internet marketing is no exception. The most prominent challenges to overcome in respect with writing for internet are mentioned below.

Cut Throat Competition

World Wide Web, the term itself defines the vastness of the field. There are numerous websites and thus numerous competitors existing over the internet. The competition is very tough and in order to reach on the top, one needs to cross millions of websites. This cut throat competition is one of the biggest challenges for SEO content writers.

High Bounce Rate

Visitors switch to another web page or site within few seconds; thus, the writer needs to make his spell work within those fraction of minutes. Content writing is all about creating quality content and presenting it in such a manner that the reader never loses his interest, or else the high bounce rate will neither allow lead building nor sale generation.


Every lock has a key and thus every problem has a solution. Following are the practices that help in combating the above mentioned challenges.

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Intense Research

Quality content demands time and efforts. So basically before penning down the thoughts in words, writer needs do intense research on the subject. Collect facts and figures, grab as much relevant information as much possible and assemble everything together. Once proper research is done, SEO content writing turns into a piece of cake.

Understand what the audience is exactly looking for

Understanding the psyche of the audience is a quite tough, but certainly the most important point to consider. As soon as one reads the mind of the audience, he can frame the content structure accordingly. Remember, different audience needs different content as well as different style of presentation.

Catchy headlines and sub-heads

The heading makes the first impression and therefore it needs to captivate enough. The heading works as a compliment for an effective content for SEO and sales. On the other hand, there are instance wherein a good content is ignored just because of unappealing headings. Further, sub headings are equally important and must be written in attractive manner.

Content and the Heading must be in synch

In addition to being appealing, the heading must be in relevance with the content written. In fact whatever content the heading is promising must be there in the body of the text. If the heading and the content doesn’t match, then it will lead to a big blunder.

Keep it to the point

Life in a metro is nothing less than rat race, and in the chase of different baits everyone is running short of time. Therefore the content must be crisp and to the point, so that the reader finds it easy to digest. Further, the peril of high bounce rate can also be avoided through to the point writing.

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Work on keyword intensity

SEO content writing is incomplete without keywords. However, as mentioned above that the search engines have turned very smart, which means that the game of keyword insertion has turned complex. Low density of keywords will not make the search engine crawlers happy. On the other hand, high density will lead to big penalty. Therefore the intensity of the keywords in the content should always be in balance, so as to attract both search engine spiders as well as the target audience.

These were certain challenges and their solutions in respect with content writing for SEO and sales. Writing is not a tough job if done with utmost precision and with the above mentioned point it can certainly be anyone’s cup of tea.