Hosting a site that may suffer from a poor layout or a confusing UI can often be a more serious design mistake than many online retailers might realize. Optimizing layout, streamlining the UI and providing both existing and potential customers with the opportunity to post comments or take part in a discussion can greatly enhance conversion rates. Failing to provide inbound traffic with a more functional, streamlined and attractive site layout could find online merchants and digital retailers missing out on countless business opportunities.

Stylish Design

The look and feel of a website often proves to be just as important as its UI and navigational layout. Sites that may look less than professional may be giving first-time visitors a negative impression and may even install anxiety regarding the safety of their payment information should they elect to make a purchase. A more stylish design and a more polished appearance can help to optimize conversion, boost sales revenue and even ensure that retailers are able to cultivate and maintain the right brand or image. Relying on a site design that has begun to look outdated or that may call the professionalism or integrity of a retailer into question can quickly become a very serious liability.

Easy to Navigate Site Layout

The layout of a site is another concern that online retailers cannot afford to overlook. Sites, such as the Halocigs, Justfab, and Amazon showcase a sleek, easy to navigate and effective layout that can make a real difference when it comes to optimizing conversion. Showcasing products using a large attractive photograph, providing detailed product information for visitors to read and then making it easier for customers to begin the transaction process can eliminate many of the issues, concerns or complications that may cause customers to change their mind at the last minute. Improving the layout and UI of an existing site in order to make it easier to navigate and utilize is a simple and effective way to improve conversion rates and sales figures.

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High-visibility Comment Sections

While inviting customers to post comments and reviews can provide a wide range of potential benefits too many ecommerce sites fail to maintain a comment section or fail to showcase positive comments in order to boost customer confidence. It is not uncommon for first-time customers to have concerns over purchasing a product that they have no first-hand experience with. Providing customers with the opportunity to share their experiences can help to encourage prospective buyers to make a purchase. Online retailers would be wise to treat glowing reviews and positive comments as content that may be utilized in order to improve the effectiveness of their entire site.

Making it Easier to Ask for Help

Ensuring that customers are able to find answers to their questions or concerns with minimal effort or delay is another effective way to boost conversions. Instances where customers may be holding back on making a purchase because they may have a question often result in the outright loss of a sale. Maintaining a FAQ or providing the contact information where customers can direct their questions and concerns can allow online retailers to convert a greater number of prospects into sales revenue. Having an instant chat and putting employees through sales training can also lead to high conversions. This allows for customers to receive real-time answers to questions they may not be able to find on the site alone. Customers who have grown frustrated because they were unable to find the answers they need are far more likely to simply take their business to a competitor.

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Keeping Tabs of Changing Design Trends

Contemporary site layouts rarely stay contemporary for long and businesses that rely on ecommerce in order to provide sales revenue would do well to keep an eye on the latest design trends. Websites that have begun to look dated and those that fail to utilize the latest resources and design strategies can become a real liability when it comes to attracting and maintaining the interest of prospective visitors. For retailers who are interested in optimizing their conversion rates, it pays to ensure that site designs and layout are always kept up to date.