Business isn’t the same as it once was. Today, the business world is largely a digital landscape as opposed to mainly a brick and mortar one. You can now outsource your data and finances, and general IT needs with a BFA Jamf consultant and similar to help you run your business to the best of your ability. Ecommerce has changed how companies do business, and ecommerce influence is continuing to grow at a spectacular rate. Market forecasts have suggested that the size of ecommerce will expand to nearly $2 trillion by the year 2020.

As such, you need to integrate the digital into all aspects of your business to keep up with the market and your competitors. A healthy digital marketing strategy is a must for survival in the business landscape of the 21st century. Below are a few strategies for integrating digital marketing into your business plan.

Have a Social Media Strategy

While there are many digital marketing platforms, there are few that are as engaging to the consumer as social media. Social media is a very rich resource to harvest leads from that you certainly should not ignore. Today, social media plays a bigger part in people’s lives than ever before. This is why 81 percent of Americans now use a social media account. It’s one of the major ways people now communicate and consume media.

Social media has many strong advantages as a digital marketing platform. First of all, it allows you to directly interact with a list of followers who more than likely already consume your products on a regular basis. You can inform these people of new products and promotions, and it’s quite likely they will follow through and perform the actions you want. It’s also an amazing platform to use to obtain real time feedback on products and services.

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Personalize Your Digital Marketing

One of the greatest things about choosing digital marketing for a campaign is that your digital marketing efforts can be personalized. This is not possible with nearly any other advertising platform available to you because there are so many different types of digital marketing strategies. You might need digital marketing services for franchises, you could want a PPC campaign for your freelance job, or you might want to grow your business on social media – there’s a strategy for everyone. With radio, for example, almost everyone will hear the exact same ad with perhaps only slight variation based on different radio markets. However, with digital marketing, you can craft ads that are automated to become personalized based on specific individual consumers.

48 percent of consumers are convinced to spend more money after they are confronted with a personalized ad. Personalized advertising is a powerful tool, and digital marketing is the best way to achieve that. Using complex algorithms that draw from big data platforms, you can create advertisements so personalized that they seem almost psychic in regards to predicting exactly what a customer wants to buy at what time.

Track Your Success

One of the greatest things about digital marketing is that implementing it allows you to track all kinds of metrics regarding the success of your marketing efforts. You can hire any SEO Services that might help your site rank well in search results and increase your firm’s presence online. Through digital marketing, you’ll know how many internet users that saw an ad clicked on it. You’ll know how many people who clicked on the ad went on to buy a product. You’ll know what ads produced the most conversions. You’ll know what part of the country paying customers is coming from. You’ll know what landing pages produced the most sales.

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There’s a lot of great information to pour through that you could use to improve your marketing efforts. However, properly analyzing that data requires the use of software like an executive dashboard that can perform digital marketing analytics. Such a program can give you real-time insight into how ads are performing. If you need to make adjustments, you’ll be able to make changes midstream. Making such changes quickly with other platforms like TV and print is nearly impossible, but with digital marketing, it’s very easy. You could also make use of a website designer to check the various changes that could be incorporated into making your website more user-friendly and therefore inviting more customers.

The future of business is clear. The digital marketplace will continue to reign supreme. With that in mind, you must make sure digital marketing is ingrained into your business plan. If it’s not, you could be ceding a good portion of your potential profits to your competitors.