The internet has changed the landscape of business forever. Today, the bar for entry into the retail market has been lowered greatly. Even small businesses can compete with the largest multinational corporations thanks to the internet. E Commerce is also continuing to pick up steam as a major market force. E Commerce is predicted to grow to the size of $1.915 trillion per year by 2020.

However, to sell your products or services online, you must be able to be found. The most often utilized tool for consumers to find what they want is still search engines. With this in mind, your SEO marketing strategies are vitally important for your success as an online business, and this is especially important if you own a business based around SAAS since it is one of many ways for clients to find you. Below are five best practices for SEO marketing, but if you’re interested in learning more, you can read about seo strategies for saas companies by clicking here.
Mobile Is King

Mobile is now the way the majority of internet users connect to the web. The amount of people connecting to the internet by mobile devices surpassed the amount of people connecting to the web via a personal computer back in 2016.

You should be aware of the fact that Google now penalizes websites that are not mobile optimized in searches performed on mobile platforms. With that in mind, maintaining healthy SEO now requires making sure your web pages are properly optimized for mobile. If they aren’t, your ranking with mobile users will surely suffer.

Everything Is Local

Another important component of best SEO practices you should not ignore is insuring that localization is part of your overall SEO strategy. If you have brick and mortar locations, local SEO is absolutely integral to your success. 50 percent of people who made a local search on their smart phone actually visited a local business found in that search within one day’s time.

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Make sure your website and SEO key terms and phrases related to your city and state. Make sure you are listed on sites like Google My Business and Google Maps to ensure your results come up near the top for local searches and internet users can find your location easily. If you want to learn how to utilize Google Maps to the best of your ability and make even more profit from it then take a look at this chad kimball google maps Facebook page.

Content Matters

Google and Bing know that the reason people use search engines is to find content they can derive value from. While there were many little tricks you could do in the past to fool the search engines into giving you a preferable ranking, many of those no longer work. Search engine algorithms are now designed to give more importance than ever to the content provided on a website.

If you want to obtain and maintain a healthy ranking, you must put effort into providing useful content on your site. Search engine algorithms are now complex enough to figure out if you are merely faking it in regards to content.

Focus on Website Analytics

If you want to track the success of your SEO strategies, website analytics is a must. Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools available to you. This platform can provide you with all kinds of actionable data regarding the traffic you are receiving from Google searches.

You may also want to implement a digital marketing dashboard with SEO features to help track how your search engine traffic is affecting your bottom line. Such a dashboard can allow you track a host of different metrics such as the number of impressions, the click through rate, the engagement rate, the conversion rate, cost per conversion, and more.

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Integrating such a dashboard with a virtual bookkeeper can give you even more insight into how SEO impacts your finances. You will see the direct relationship between your revenues and the keyword phrases people are using in Google and Bing to find your products. You’ll be able to much better quantify how SEO is impacting your bottom line.

Social Media Integration

Combining your social media strategies with your SEO strategies can certainly bear fruit. Advertise your website with your social media accounts. Having social media accounts is also quite important in general. If you have them, Google and Bing will rank your social media accounts for searches related to your company.

SEO is extremely important. If your SEO is good, you could come up near the top of search engine results. If your SEO is poor, you could be penalized by search engine algorithms to the point it’s nearly impossible to find your website. Put the appropriate effort into building strong SEO strategies for your company.