There are tons of lists out there that show the most viral of videos, but not all viral videos are great in themselves. Some are utterly bad, it’s good.

One such video is by Double Take called “Hot Problems.”

The video and the singing are just so terrible you gotta see it. Couple that with inane lyrics that burn even your brain cells . Watching it is a dare you can take on with your friends.

Whether the duo actually thinks they’re hot or if this was made as trolling material, an inside joke – we can’t tell. The fact that people are confused about that may mean that the joke fell flat.

Read the production house’s disclaimer, and watch the video here:

And of course, we have one video for a song from the makers of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”!

Except that this one is about Thanksgiving and has the most abysmal lyrics anyone can think of, it is beyond hope.

“December was Christmas. January was New Year. April was Easter. And the 4th of July, but now it’s Thanksgiving.”

“With a turkey, eh mash potatoes eh, and we we we are gonna have a good time.”

The song’s logic takes you to outer space – without the proper gear: Yo. It’s Thanksgiving giving giving and I’m trying to be forgiving. (come on girl) Nothing is forbidden.

An attempt at singing along would be a death-defying feat.

While we may (try to) understand that the creators are hitting the tween market, let us try to recall how Mmmbop had a similar market with a better song, and was only killed by overplay.

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Watch the video: “It’s Thanksgiving” performed by Nicole Westbrook, written by Patrice Wilson.

One thing we especially like about social media is that it lets us observe humans the way we imagine aliens would. We can find out the general consensus of people on a particular topic, discover hidden truths about humans and their choices, among others. We reckon it’s always been the same process, except that these days, information about these can come much faster thanks to speedy Internet.

The same goes with videos that go viral. We see what people’s preferences are based on those that have garnered a high video ranking. Why people watch what they do, however, is another story that’s equally interesting to look into.

Why these videos are getting so many hits on Youtube we cannot comprehend; as of this writing, it has garnered more than 13 million views. We only wish we could conduct a survey. Perhaps people simply want to challenge their tolerance for bad videos – humans, after all, carry an inclination towards new experiences, or record-breaking feats.