Email marketing is supposed to be one of the most effective tools for businesses. Email marketing is extremely helpful in sustaining customer base and also, nurturing new leads. It is definitely a key promotional channel for businesses. However, no matter how fruitful and useful email could be to your business, all your efforts would go to a total waste if your readers do not even bother to open your messages.

With numerous emails coming in every day, readers would be using whatever excuse possible and would be deleting your email. This is the reason why it is vital for you to cleverly craft all your marketing emails so that they are able to engage and interest the target audience instead of being directed to the trash.

Businesses often resort to email marketing as they find it pretty affordable and an effective advertising tool. However, it is important for you to clearly understand the pitfalls associated with email marketing. Here we would be discussing some serious email marketing drawbacks and we have come up with creative and effective solutions to put you back on track toward success.

Drawback #1: You keep on losing contacts as your contacts go on unsubscribing.

Solution: Marketers are well aware of this pitfall. Email list unsubscribes seem to be inevitable. But once you start observing a trend, you should understand that something has gone seriously wrong. Keep in mind that your email audience would comprise different people across diverse industries with varied challenges, so it is essential for segmenting contacts into specific email groups so that you could be sending customized or tailored content.

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This is an effective way where new subscribers would exclusively be receiving content developed with the initial stages of the purchasing process in mind. Moreover, long-time contacts that are used to opening emails occasionally would not be getting bombarded with information already known to them.

Drawback #2: Your emails do not open on mobile devices.

Solution: More than 80 percent of the target audience would be using their smartphones for checking your email. If your message does not seem to be mobile-friendly, it would definitely not get read or opened. You need to go for optimization of your emails so that they are really responsive to all sized devices. If you wish that your readers should remain fully focused, you should be keeping it simple and sticking to a single-column layout.

Drawback #3: The bulk of the emails are actually opened several hours after they have been sent.

Solution: Dividing your audience into precise time zones would be giving you the opportunity for sending emails at the best possible time for each and every subscriber, irrespective of where they are located currently. Studies have revealed that most click-through rates seem to be the highest around 6 AM. Saturday is the best day for reader engagement.

Drawback #4: You keep on leaving out critical items in your emails.

Solution: There are numerous elements that constitute effective email marketing and leaving out vital elements could prove to be truly devastating. In order to get rid of this issue, you should be sitting down calmly and creating a checklist that would help in your email marketing endeavor. When you maintain a checklist, it could prove to be pretty wearisome but you would not be forgetting anything again.

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Drawback # 5: You May Fail to Maintain Engagement.

Email marketing necessitates constant tweaking for keeping all your subscribers engaged. An individual would often sign up for receiving email only as part of any promotional venture. For instance, if a user gives you his email address, he may be receiving a discount on a specific product. Often individuals sign up unintentionally for example if subscribing happened to be any webpage’s default choice. In the case of someone who purposely signed up for receiving your marketing emails, such as an industry newsletter, you would still be required to maintain a certain level of engagement to prevent your reader from going ahead and unsubscribing.


Achieving success in email marketing is a challenging task, but when you do the things correctly, the conversion rate is bound to increase. Pay heed to the suggestions mentioned above and success will be yours.