Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world and there are 284+ million users are registered and the number of users is increasing every day. Here if you are followed by numerous people than it can be a hot deal. Companies and personalties try to promote their products and images on twitter by getting more and more Twitter followers. So the question is how to get more Twitter followers? What are actionable ways to get Twitter followers? Here are the top ten Actionable approaches to get Twitter followers.


  1. Try to connect people to your twitter account Your profile need to be well optimized and attractive avatar so that more and more people can directly connect to your account once after checking out your profile. Also, link your profile to your website or any profile you create on the web, so that people can directly visit and follow you easily.
  2. Get some celebs/personality/brand to follow you – Try to get some celebs/personality/brand to follow you by following them and commenting on their tweets. If in return you get a celeb followed, then your efforts are well paid. Twitter was started in 2006 and in just 8 years, this social site became the most popular in the world that connects 284+ million people.
  3. Try to get people with similar interest and then follow their followers – get those followers who have common interest like you. This way people will start checking out your feed and if you have well maintained your twitter profile, then your tweet, comment and favorite will start appearing in the feed and change will increase the visibility and can get you more followers
  4. Buy twitter followers – twitter is a strong influencing social media site which is vastly used by many popular brands to drive traffic and most of the people get attracted by your number of followers. Nobody looks in the back if a person has 100K followers, then the first thing that strikes is “wow” and you start thinking that this man has definitely done something big. This methodology actually works well and you start following him/her back. The practice does drive good amount of traffic and attracts consumers towards your product and that is why there are so many companies who buy Twitter followers and retweets just to show people that they are actually very popular. There are plenty of Twitter growth service providers like Twesocial that help businesses and influencers gain real followers. And since increasing Twitter followers can positively influence business success, a lot of entrepreneurs and job seekers are opting for it. For instance, Lindsay Dorethy got a job in the New York Time Magazine as the head of photography after purchasing 10K followers and got pretty famous famous.twitter-following
  5. Retweeting is an important part of twitter so use it – there are many ways of driving traffic from Twitter and one of the most popular ones is retweeting the popular personalities tweet. Retweet are the ones that are posted by another, and you tweet it again. You can also buy retweets and it’s often better if you retweet others tweet. More retweet you gain, the more popular your content will be on twitter.
  6. Often post user informative tweets– Keep posting tweets 5-10 times in a day this way your activity gets notable and if you are sharing great stuffs then our tweets will go viral, thus you will get more followers. It is recommended that you consume all 140 characters and while sharing do add images which brings you more retweet and favorite than an ordinary tweet.
  7. Unfollow those people who are inactive and don’t follow you – it’s a very simple rule. Just do not follow those who don’t follow you back or inactive for a long time.
  8. Often Use Hashtags – use hash tags on your tweet to spread it to maximum users. The hash tag used to search any keyword on twitter search and thus your tweet will appear with maximum visibility.
  9. Use keywords to get followers – Keywords are very important to find related people on twitter that is why using keywords can get you in touch with the people of your field. Also, posting great stuffs with your keyword and hash tags will bring more visibility.
  10. Guest Post – It is a very effective practice for bloggers do some guest post on other blogger sites, it helps you to get traffic and visibility. In twitter follower case add your twitter account in the author bio so that people who love your content would definitely love to read more of your content and would like to follow you.
  11. Cheat Code– Use Cheat code #AutoFollow and #TeamFollowback hashtags on search option and start following people who so appear in the result, these people follow you back automatically, the only problem with this cheat code is that you will see the Spammy posts in your feed.
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With above 11 effective ways you can get maximum visibility with lots of followers to your account. If you think you have something new to add then please comment below or share with love.