Social media never remains stagnant. MySpace learned this the hard way when Facebook established rules banning anonymity and established rules designed to discourage improper, impolite behavior. Those small changes allowed Facebook to surpass MySpace sending the latter social network into the “footnote” realm of social media.

Facebook’s early simple concept showed how being prepared for social media trends make it easier to ride the changing tide. So, even if things change, people using social media for promotional reasons can still succeed with their goals. Succeeding with social media marketing definitely has its rewards. Marketers can reach large audiences at very little cost. Changes may need to be implemented in order to thrive as changing trends emerge.

So, what are the top trends social media is poised to embrace in the near future?

Feature Overlap Requires a Careful Assessment

“Feature overlap” is a nice way of saying two social media platforms specialize in the same thing. Online video sharing social media platforms reflect a perfect example of how numerous social media sites, in essence, exist for the same purpose. While two social media platforms may be branded for their online video presentations, one platform may be more popular with a particular audience or demographic than another.

Marketers do need to reach the right audience or else sales numbers will be dismal. Make the right assessment about which particular social media platform would be best when interested in certain features. And then, maybe, use the services of companies like Twiends, Kicksta or Growthoid, to gain sufficient traction on their site to attract the right audience.

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Analytics Will Yield a Personal Touch

Analytics have slowly trended towards being much more detailed and clear. Simply logging hits and visits remain a vestige of the internet’s dinosaur era. Analytics continue their march towards providing a perfect picture of who is visiting a social media platform and what behaviors they engage in when there. Such detailed info opens the door to better personalizing content.

The detailed analytics lets you know who is drawn to a partial social media page or group. This information helps with crafting original, personalized content that would be more appealing to the visitor. For example, the analytics might reveal subscribing to a video captioning service could further boost engagement. Anything that appeals to a site’s specific visitors helps both growth and sales.

Things are Moving Mobile More and More

The massive popularity of smartphones means more people are using mobile devices to log onto social media platforms. Online platforms must be designed with the mobile user in mind. Facebook understands the vital importance of connecting with mobile users, which is why the site’s platform is so preferred by mobile device enthusiasts.

Anyone hoping to use social media for effective promotional strategies really does need to focus on any and all social media sites designed with mobile users in mind. After all, the volume of mobile users seems to be dwarfing those using laptops and personal computers. Why not target the larger audience?

Embrace the Use of Chatbots

Answering each and every inquiry from a potential customer can be extremely difficult when an entrepreneur has no employees. Those sending the inquiries really are not concerned with the business owner’s situation. They want a quick and effective response to any inquiry they make. Inquiries are likely to come through a social media messenger when someone discovers a business through its social media page. In order to answer inquiries, using a chatbot may be unavoidable.

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Chatbots may not be perfect, but these programs can provide an answer to incoming questions. At the very least, chatbots give interested parties a response. People aren’t left hanging nor feel ignored after receiving a chatbot response. Start thinking today about setting up the right chatbot program.

Being Flexible to Meet Changes

If there was one thing a social media marketer needs to embrace, it would be a willingness to be flexible. Falling behind trends could lead to social media marketing failing to be successful anymore. For instance if you have your business advertised on Instagram, you should think about potentially engaging the services of an Instagram tool like Upleap to get you a target audience and a boost of attention for your business – therefore, success. Just be careful with other tools like Kicksta as it doesn’t have the best reviews online. There’s no reason why social media failure should ever happen.