the-basics-of-a-winning-websiteWith the number of Internet users increasing every day, no business – big or small – can afford to neglect its online presence. And when it comes to designing a winning website, you have to go back to the basics, which means that your website should have a responsive design that looks equally great on mobiles, laptops and tablets, professional-quality images that can sell your product, consistent branding, easy and uncluttered navigation, strong headlines, effective and correctly-placed calls-to-action, trust indicators, correct positioning of important info, blogs, videos and other downloadables, prominent display of contact details, and so on.

But designing a website with all these elements is not an easy task by any means and requires professional expertise. So if you are planning to revamp your existing business website to make it work more effectively or build a new one from scratch, don’t forget to get in touch with AddPeople, one of the biggest and most experienced Internet Marketing agencies in the United Kingdom and the creator of the above infographic. AddPeople designs websites for small and medium-sized businesses at affordable rates and helps convert more of a website’s visitors into paying customers.