Link Building 2013You hear a lot about the co-citation analysis and the ways it is applied to search engine optimization in the marketers’ circles. The marketers and SEO consultants like Advantage Market Solutions have to keep up with the latest changes and updates in the world of SEO and some consider co-citation as a new tactic, which applies to SEO and even replaces the backlinks. However, the fact is it is neither a new option nor is going to be a substitute to the backlinks. Co-Citation comes when one or more site could be identified by any single web page or site. Google simply analyzes the different back link profiles of top ten or twenty ranking websites to the source authoritative hub websites commonly called as the common links or in other words co-citations. These are carried out by believing that the Co-Citations Analysis will help the marketers to find authoritative hubs simply to secure the link building process cater a good ranking.

Co-Citation Analysis for SEO Link Building
More often the process of link building could be difficult to accomplish since getting quality links for your site is often a daunting task. People often talk about themselves over their sites, brands or their relevant keywords. For instance, a number of mobile phone related sites talk about the cell phone ratings or the consumer reports, yet, they are unable to link to the places like However, with passing time, Google seems to become smarter and thus is able to figure out the cell phone rating and consumer reports, which usually is seen appearing close together. Consumer reports could be called as the branded phrase, which remain pretty relevant to the Hence the cell phone ratings searches, could reap better results.

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Things you get from Co-Citation Analysis
If you look at the outcome of Co-Citation Analysis, you end up getting one vital thing- a great support for your basic link building activities. Hence you end up getting lots of links from high page rank sites or web pages. You get links from the web pages found in your keyword communities, which speaks about the keywords that are relevant to you. You can find links for your local SEO activities from sites and web pages, which are physically close to you or simply deal in your local area and keywords. Lastly, if you do not get anything, you still would be getting the citations, which means you end up finding something important talking about your keywords and brand.

The Co-citations and branded search
One of the important elements you enjoy with the Co-Citation Analysis is to get the branded search. For the Co-Citation, you are supposed to carry a strong kind of brand and robust name or phrase, which others simply use to refer your business or company. This could be either your company or product. When anyone searches out your company or products over Google, you are more likely to be at the page one along with being over the first position for that particular branded search. That’s the power of Co-Citation analysis, which helps you attain the top position.

Final word
Carrying out the Co-Citation Analysis simply help you in making grounds for the search engine optimization business using link building option. It helps you to know about your site and your competitors’ rankings and the way it is increasing on an average.

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