While the known aspects of on-site social media marketing is known by many, there are some barriers to the on-site social networking engagement initiatives taken up by companies on the whole. Let us look at some of them.

Social Sharing buttons: When you visit certain sites, you see a deluge of social sharing buttons, there is everything right from Reddit, to StumbleUpon, Blurtit, Facebook, Google+, Orkut and many more. This flooding of social networking sites might just dissuade your reader from sharing it in the first place. You definitely would want your readers to share your articles on their social media sites, but there is a way to get around it. You would need to find out the most prominent social media site that is being used currently and subsequently keep the button on the said page

Who wrote it the article?  When it comes to articles such as this one, it is important to ensure that the article has the latest information. Moreover, if the by-line of the article has data such as the date of article publishing or the date on which it was posted along with the authors name would boost your article. The name of the author (even if it may be an alias) has a greater impact on the reader than having no name at all.

Let them speak: Picture this! You are on a random website and you are reading a write-up or an article. As you read it all, you have an urge to say something in response to the article or appreciate it in some way but no matter how high or low you look, you see no such medium to get your views across. For all you know, someone reading an article on your website as of now might be facing the same difficulty. Moreover, you need to ensure users do not need to sign-in to any account or register to be able to comment on your articles.

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Wrong Image Thumbnail for Sharing: After going through the trouble of writing an SEO rich article, strategically posting it on ezine sites or company blogs, you definitely will not want to land in a soup in anyway. However, a major mistake that make is to end up putting a wrong image thumbnail. By missing that one thumbnail or putting the wrong link to the thumbnail, you are missing priceless internet traffic.

User (mobile) friendly: Considering the recent off burst into the mobile social media usage, companies are now targeting the mobile-savvy audience. This also means they have make sure the social media engagement is mobile-savvy. If social media links on the page are not accessible on a given phone, your article would just be a matter of clicks for the delete button. Hence, if you want to make your social media initiatives on your mobile user-friendly, you need to make sure everything on the given page is apt for mobile use; this includes the formatting as well as the size of the thumbnail.

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