Social media has received a huge amount of publicity in recent years; there are frequent reports on those who have hundreds of thousands of followers, people who can make a fortune in a heartbeat by simply referring the right product to their followers. However, this is not an option which is open to your average firm which does not have the budget to pay a famous blogger to promote them.


However, it is possible to build a following of your own to create a successful business; but this is not enough buy itself. The most successful businesses at marketing are those which use social media and email marketing; in effect you need to market your business across all available channels to ensure you reach the maximum number of people.

The key difference in approach is the use of cross channel marketing; this is the process by which you use all available marketing methods; direct mailing, emailing, social media and even billboards. However, you change the message on each type of media. This can be a more difficult approach to master as you need to track your customer through the different media’s and confirm you have given them the right message at the right time. The following tips will help you to master your marketing campaign:

Marketing Types

You must firstly recognize that your message can be got across via mail with these media methods:

  • Email
  • Social
  • Direct Mail
  • Text messages and even apps
  • Content marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Telemarketing

To ensure you cover all options and deliver a good campaign you should:

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Set goals and stick our marketing mantra

Every type of marketing will need its own campaign; however, before you get carried away there must be a common link between them. It is this which will draw your customer in and persuade them to purchase from you. To ensure you have a successful campaign you will need to set a goal for each type of marketing, this should include the number of hits and sales you expect to generate along each step of the way.

Buy in to the opportunity and take responsibility

Everyone who is involved in the marketing plan must be aware of the plan, how you expect it to work and the positives and negatives of the plan. Those involved should be given the opportunity to add their input; this will help them to feel part of the plan and take responsibility for it. In effect they will ‘buy-in’ to the opportunity.


With so many different types of media it is almost impossible for you to be in charge and organize every part of a campaign. Instead, make sure you have project managers looking after each part and that they communicate with your regularly. This will ensure you are able to co-ordinate all strategies; this will provide the best opportunity for good results and can provide additional stimulation to team members in the form of recognition and reward for work completed well.


Your message must be consistent! Although each type of marketing can target the customer differently, you are looking to reinforce the core message each time. This will ensure the customer becomes aware of what is expected of them and purchases accordingly.

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Any marketing campaign needs to be tracked and a cross channel one should be monitored at each step of the journey. It is not really possible to monitor the process as one, but, each stage can be monitored and evaluated to confirm whether they are performing as expected and where any drop off occurs.

meeting2Revise and redo

Monitoring your campaign will allow you to tweak it where necessary or even adjust it completely to ensure you achieve the best results possible from your campaign. However there is little point monitoring unless you look at the results and adjust your marketing drive as indicated. A regular meeting should be held to evaluate the successfulness and tweaks needed.

If you can’t handle everything on your own, consider the services of a direct mail company. It will help you choose the right strategy and target the right audience to help your business gain recognition and thrive.