Payday loan industry is a very competitive environment with as much as 10 000 companies competing for their market share. Therefore, there are actually thousands of companies willing to buy payday loan leads. Companies that sell payday loan leads are affiliates programme that acquire customers for the industry. The best of them is PaydayMansion.

PaydayMansion offers something what is beyond reach in other programme, full concentration on just one line of products (payday loans), strong marketing support, and the highest commission in the industry.

More than satisfactory cash

Do you know how many Americans use payday loans yearly? 13 million. It is a great number and a great opportunity for webmasters who know how to generate traffic. With PaydayMansion you will spread your wings and will earn big money. Even 4 thousand dollars per day. With some initial effort, you won’t have to do a lot later to get it.

Principles consulted with affiliates

PaydayMansion would not have had remarkable results, if their programme was not based on the opinion and knowledge of webmasters. The founders of PaydayMansion have spent thousands of hours preparing affiliate programmes for their customers. They also discussed inside out the matter of how payday loan affiliate programme should work.

Members Area

When it comes to payday loan leads, USA is its biggest market, but they are still developing operations in the UK, and other countries. They do this by inviting new webmasters to their network of affiliates. You can join them only with an invitation code.

If a webmaster has already joined the programme, he or she can generate such a code. With invitation code, you can approach signup procedure. It consists of two stages. In the first stage you have to give information about you: name and surname, street address, telephone number and e-mail address, as well as URL of website and marketing methods.

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Afterwards, PaydayMansion will verify your application, and when given the approval, you can access the Member Area and use all the options in the dashboard. The dashboard is very intuitive and user friendly. You will be able to navigate it very easily, even being a first-timer.

Affiliate platform

Provided something is unclear, or you want to consult actions, you can always contact PaydayMansion by ICQ, Skype and e-mail.

Summary report

 All marketing methods in your hand.

PaydayMansion would never be named the best payday loan affiliate program, if they could not guarantee you the widest range of marketing methods. All they have available are landing pages (private and public), banners, pay-per-click campaigns, mobile marketing, e-mail campaigns, as well as popups and pop-unders.

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

When using banners smartly, customers will click them and land on your page. With nice layout and proper call-to-action message they will be inclined to send their contact details to get a payday loan.

Bulk site generator

Something about reports and payouts.

As an affiliate you may probably need good backup with statistics about all your actions. For analysis PaydayMansion has prepared for you a vast choice of reports. You can see all reporting options available in the dashboard. You can generate global reports as well as reports showing performance by subaccount, state, keyword or city.

Reports – Dashboard

Your commission will be paid to you in every fourteen days. Two full calendar weeks is the hold period stipulated in the Affiliate Agreement. We will send you money by PayPal and WMZ.

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If you join us you can also earn additional money from affiliates you have recommended. You get commission 5% for the traffic they generate. This is how you can earn even 100 thousand dollars per month.

Mobile Applications

PaydayMansion has developed mobile application suitable for use on iPhone and Android. You can generate additional traffic with these application. Its use is available from the dashboard. Here you can generate mobile links and distribute them. Each download is commission for you. PaydayMansion will trace all downloads with their new-generation tracking system that identifie all downloads with your unique Affiliate ID.

Generating new mobile app links


It is commonplace when many affiliates try to make ends meet by cooperation with many affiliate marketing programmes. Why not decide for one option and make living a way better? If you join PaydayMansion, you don’t waste your time for many advertising campaigns for different profiles of customers. You also get strong marketing support in many forms. And what’s best, you get the highest rate of commission for the traffic generated. All of this in PaydayMansion.