Make Money On YoutubeA lot of us would like to create saleable material on Youtube to bring in the bucks but we know that requires a whole lot of thinking. When gearing up for Youtube battle you’ll need to be well equipped with the right tricks to get to and stay on the top spots. Millions of people upload videos everyday and a huge fraction of these material have very good content, so how do you make yours stand out? And how does one make money on Youtube?

The answer: Youtube Partner Program. This allows you to display ads on your videos and earn a percentage of the income based on clicks.

So here are some tips on getting that Youtube Partner spot:

  1. Grow your audience to these minimum numbers: a thousand subscribers, and ten thousand channel views. Of course more is better if you want to up your chances of becoming a Youtube Partner. Upload fifty to a hundred videos before submitting your application as a Youtube Partner – you’ll want to prove your body of work first before they accept you.
  1. If you’re running a channel, treat your content like you were programming for a TV channel. Of course the Internet is totally different but it requires pretty much the same outlook. Think ahead and plot your content. Engage your audience. Read up on the science of viral videos (because knowing the psychology of your audience helps). It could also help if you can determine who your audience is. That way, you’ll know who you’re talking to and can plan your content accordingly.
  1. Produce material regularly. If you miss out on producing videos for a while you may lose your audience, and that also tells Youtube that you might not be in it for the long haul – they’re looking for partners who will work with them on a long-term basis.
  1. If you’re using other people’s material in videos, make sure you have permission to use them; otherwise, you will automatically be disqualified from getting that spot as a Youtube Partner.
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When you’re ready, go to the Youtube Partner Program Page and submit your application.