Local SEO is a state of art technique which aims in getting your business name and website listed before your local customers. It is estimated that over 80% of local newspapers have lost readers and it is just because search engines are trouble-free to find products and services located locally within no time.

Best ways to rank your business and website TOP in the local searches

Local SEO

1. Make your website SEO friendly
Even before you plan to promote your business through online channels make sure that Meta data, internal links, 404 directs, Robots.txt, etc are accurate. You can get this done from a professional SEO service provider.

2. Apply Google analytics and webmaster Tools
By implementing Google analytics you can track your website traffic and also you can gain in-depth info about the visitor flow, your visitor location, duration of the visit and other data’s and statistics. Webmaster tools will reveal the crawl issues and fixing such issues will make your website SEO friendly.

3. Get your website listed in Google+ local, Yahoo local
As most of them rely on web to find their requirements it is very important to list your website, complete business info in Google local business listing, Yahoo local, etc. It’s absolutely Free and simple. Click here to get a FREE recommendation from a local business expert

4. Build Social networking profile for your business
Promoting business through social networks helps your website gain quick hype. LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Google+ is few such networks where you can create profiles boost your business in the searches

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5. Enroll your business in local Directories and business listings
Getting listed in local directories and business listings will help you acquire inbound links to your website. By hiring a proficient SEO company to do so, you will witness quick improvement in your website traffic. You can also get this done by employing services like https://reputation.com/products/business-listings/ that can give your business better visibility in search results.

6. Make your website mobile friendly
Statistics reveal that 90% of Smartphone users perform a local mobile search. Google maps have 150 million mobile users and about 40% of Google maps traffic is from mobile phones. These will portrait the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.

Small businesses would not be able to invest much on online marketing but following the above simple techniques which is cost effective will help businesses reach great heights.