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It seems like Google has updated the local search results since thGoogle Pigeone latest Google Pigeon update that was pushed out originally on on July 24th.

WebmasterWorld thread has some business owners and webmasters noticing the change, so I checked to see my past coverage and compare the search results from after Pigeon launched to today.

In my original story, I showed the search results for a search on [ice cream] and those results have indeed updated since:



Also, I covered a weird issue with a search for [new york hotels] on Search Engine Landand those results have changed since as well:



The webmaster in WebmasterWorld wrote:

Wondering if anyone sees any type of rollback or update going on with respect to Pigeon. Can’t tell if this is a caching issue or just part of the entire update continuing to roll out, resulting in some inconsistencies.

It does seem like there was an update of some sorts.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Google would not comment about this update and if there was an update to the algorithm.