Google AdWords Campaign ManagementGoogle AdWords fees can be divided into direct and indirect fees. Google AdWords is the premier marketing tool available to any business today. Direct Adwords fees are the fees paid to Google for using an AdWords account. These fees are determined by the account holder’s budget and cost per click bid. Your budget and cost per click bid is decided on by you and/or whomever you elect to manage your account. The budget amount is the amount you are willing to spend for each day on your advertising account. The cost per click bid is a variable that you set for a maximum chosen amount. The cost per click will be that amount or less, depending on various elements such as your competition’s bids, budget, and optimization. The optimization of all of your own campaign components also affects these AdWords fees. One way that AdWords is different from all prior types of advertising is that adjustments can be made to your ad campaign at any moment you desire to do so. These adjustments will be immediately reflected in the real world and shown in the settings you place on the AdWords account. AdWords accounts can be manipulated for various ad targeting parameters. This feature gives the ad campaign great potential, but it requires constant tracking of information, monitoring and management of the account to optimize your ROI. The different settings you choose have an effect on your AdWords fees.

Indirect AdWords fees include account set up, maintenance or management, training, and coaching. You can avoid these fees to some degree by setting up your account yourself, educating yourself about AdWords and managing the account yourself. The downside of this is, it can take a year or longer of working with an AdWords account to even begin to get an understanding of the subtleties that can be involved in having an optimized account. If you’re a start-up or small business, it won’t be difficult to manage your own account. However, it is advisable to consult with an AdWords coach or trainer to get started on the right footing. This takes most of the guesswork out of managing your account and maximizes your ROI early on. AdWords fees for account management are a recurring bill if you outsource it. Training and coaching fees are more of an annual expense, to keep abreast of the evolution of AdWords.

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That’s the story of Adwords fees in a nutshell: direct fees for using an account, and indirect fees for optimizing the account for a good ROI.