Digital marketing has become an integral part of any business today, and often tends to become a deciding factor in the rise or fall of a venture. For example, if we look at the business of a financial advisor, they would need to invest in advertising campaigns to expand their market, and in this regard, companies like LeadJig might come in handy!

In today’s world of digital marketing, there are numerous tools available for businesses to use in their digital campaign. However, the fact that there are many marketing tools all over the internet makes it hard for chief executives and business managers to choose the right tool for their companies. And there are many many different types out there, from IT management, to data storage, to project management office software for enterprise needs. Making the right choice requires capital investment and time which have become scarce in todays busy world. In this article we have highlighted the most exceptional digital marketing tools that are currently available in the market which you can implement in your business for maximum results.

Google Analytics
For all companies and digital marketers in the current competitive 21st-century global economy, Google analytics is an essential marketing tool. Any business that does not make use of Google analytics is doomed to lose a competitive advantage in the market. Google analytics is critical in the sense that it assists your company to analyze its website performance, popular keywords, marketing channels, audience behavior and demographics, consumer traffic, and many other functions. Knowing the audience, consumers and potential clients is critical in the creation of a digital marketing campaign that will be effective in increasing the market share of the business. For most companies, it is virtually impossible to get more customers if they dont understand consumer needs and preferences. One of the other significant advantages of this tool is that Google offers it free of charge which saves on your company spending on digital marketing tools.


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Today, one of the best tools that a business can use for search engine optimization is Ahrefs. This tool enables your business enterprise to get all the data and information about your worthy competitors which is vital in decision making. Ahrefs enables a business to learn about their competitors backlinks, the exact source of their traffic and the keywords that give them a good ranking on search engine charts. Ahrefs is a tool that explores content enabling you to find the material that is most shareable within your specific industry. Ahrefs also allows you to do keyword research in over 170 nations. There is an available trial version with Ahrefs, but you will have to spend some dollars for the premium version which will allow you to build your profile on the online platform.

This tool has a tagline that reiterates the need for small businesses and big corporations to build relationships. Buzzstream allows your company to do thorough research on the players with the biggest influence in your industry, make contact with them and manage your newly established business relationship. Buzzstream is engineered to make link building more personalized and at the same time more efficient. The tool identifies the contact information of your desired influencer companies, manages it and facilitates the communication between the two of you. Consequently, this will lead to opportunities in link building and efficiently manage the acquired backlinks.

Moz Blog and Toolbar
Moz Blog is a favorite for blogs and search engine optimization information that you can read virtually anywhere including at home, in your bathroom, and on your way to work. Moz engages in the provision of content on a regular basis to their consumers on how to improve on their return on investment and business operations. It provides tricks, tips, quirky videos and advice on how to have a competitive advantage of similar businesses in your industry. The co-founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, shares tips on how companies can establish and improve their online presence. You can install the Moz toolbar as a widget in chrome. It is helpful in gathering vital information such as the number of backlinks available, Domain Authority and other search listing information which is critical for any business that is in the business of analyzing their competitors.

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Canva enables you to establish a digital marketing campaign without any skills in graphics design. It offers you the necessary tools to make a model that is effective in a moments notice. Canva makes use of the simple technique of drag and drop making it one of the most effective tools in digital marketing.