Most of the companies nowadays want to see an increase in sales during each quarter and much of these responsibilities have to be taken care by the sales reps. For a company that want to stay in the competition, their sales reps will have to think of utilizing the best possible tools they have at their disposal for closing the deal. Social media is considered to be one of the most effective ways in which you could utilize the sales teams for the growth and development of your organization.

Let’s take a closer look in to some of the best strategies that could be used for driving revenue for the company.

Share content of prospective customers to your network

The best way to enhance your sales prospects would be to establish connection with your leads. The best way would be to get access towards the content that those customers like as well as share and thus helping you to create a strong conversation with your customers. It is of utmost importance whenever your lead is trying to publish the original content on social networking websites such as LinkedIn. Thus you will be able to show the support you have for your customers by re-promoting the content. Almost all businesses would be happier to see their prospective customers sharing content about their brand. However there are a few things you will have to remember. This includes sending a tailored request for your customers to connect whenever you invite your prospect. Selling process can be more personalized by creating a one-to-one relationship with the customers. Thus you will be able to view all their activities once you connect with the customers and there are greater chances of you being able to find more such prospects by connecting with these customers.

Warm Introductions

Warm Introduction is yet another way of connecting with the customers other than that of a custom invitation. Whenever you access the profile of people, you will be able to see on the right-hand side at the top, the people, you as well as your prospect will have in common. It also provides you detailed information about what your connection as well as the prospective customer has in common. Once you see that your existing connection has a prospective customer, you could get in touch with your connection and ask them whether they would be comfortable in introducing you to the prospect so as to connect with the prospective customer.

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Make use of Sales Navigator for reaching the right leads

LinkedIn-Sales-NavigatorFor those who are unaware of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, here is what it is. If you opt to go premium on LinkedIn, you will be able to benefit from numerous features including account filters that is capable of displaying your target leads at your target companies and also the availability of features such as social selling index that will help you to know the social selling effectiveness makes the premium option a desirable choice for businesses.

For getting started with Sales Navigator, you will have to create account lists first. Thus by following the accounts in Sales Navigator, you will be provided with up-to-date information regarding what is actually happening within that company. You will get company updates which helps you to understand what exactly the customers are actually looking for in addition to what the company actually focuses mostly on. You could make use of profile filters such as levels, industry, keywords and seniority etc. You could make use of the ‘current company’ filter which helps you to perform some account specific profile searching with the target account list that you already have.

Use Export to CRM for building Account Contact List

Updating your CRM with new leads manually remains the most important requirement as a sales rep or business development rep. You can look at implementing crm software along with it so you are doubly covered where needed. Since the two platforms are known to integrate seamlessly with the right solutions, manually updating the CRM with new leads has become equally important for the marketing automation platform. The ‘Export to CRM’ chrome extension could be added to the browser and thus time could be saved significantly. Thus a contact in the CRM could be easily created by making use of the LinkedIn profile. It is of utmost help for the marketing team that always look forward to add new names in to the database. The sales team could be then supported by the marketing team by including those contacts in to different relevant campaigns once they are in the database. However you will have to approach the contacts in some other ways as those contacts might not be opted-in to receive email communications from you.

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Social Selling Index to ensure Enhanced Success

You can grade yourself on how better you would be able to use the platform to do social selling by professional social networking website such as LinkedIn. The rating is given based on the four criteria. Social Selling Index can be used for measuring your effectiveness in establishing your professional brand and also in finding the right people, engaging with insights and thus creating stronger relationships. Several factors could have an impact on the Social Selling Index. The factors include the amount of content being shared, the total number of connections that you have with the target audience and the number of times you are supposed to click on the insights on your feed. Another factor includes the way in which you interact with others. It is always desirable to conduct a competition wherein the sales teams who can score the biggest Social Selling Index score for the specific month would be declared a winner. Thus it also helps the sales team to sell better and thus helping you to achieve more brand exposure.


Thus the above mentioned social selling strategies in LinkedIn will help companies to connect with more number of prospects and thus create more meaningful relationships with those prospects. Thus social selling is slowly but steadily becoming a part of ‘Selling’ process for the sales and marketing teams in future.