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How Can Instagram Impact SEO?

InstagramBusinesses use social media to build brands, create a relationship with end customers and offer services. You can use social media for enhanced search engine optimization. Whether you use Facebook or its subsidiary Instagram, social platforms are there to deliver far-reaching SEO benefits to your business. In this article, we are going to look into the advantages of using social media platforms, like Instagram to get your site indexed and ranked in search results.

# Brand Building

There is no direct relationship between the reputation or size of a business and its ranking. However, you can approach an Internet marketing company to leverage your reputation as well as size and receive SEO benefits.

Offer end-to-end customer service through social platform

These days many customers complain, make requests or queriesthrough the Internet. You can offer them social media platform for this purpose. You should respond to complaints and inquiries made by customers and make your customers realize how thoughtful you are. An Instagram interaction is more effective than interaction through the company website. Social media shows your customers that they are communicating not with an inanimate entity, but with humans. With prompt response, you can make sure that your business has greater visibility and reach. As a result, you can build links and get SEO success.

10 Ways To Use Social Media Sites For Marketing Your Business

In this era of greater and better mobile penetration, almost everyone is resorting to social media platforms for all kind of communications. Be it connecting with friends and family or promoting your business, social media sites can be very effective. Most importantly most of these sites are free and can provide you with material publicity at a minimum expense.

Social media mind map with networking concept words

1) Sign Up On Different Sites: Currently there are many sites which can help you provide publicity for free. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even Pintrest or Instagram, you do not need any money to register on these sites and surprisingly almost all of these sites can be very effective platforms to further your business and promote it to a wider audience. Create a page with the name of your business, go through the various rules of the site and start churning out content at a regular basis. You will be able to then engage with users at a much higher frequency.

2) Make A Plan: However your marketing initiatives on the social media sites cannot be haphazard. Chalk out a distinctive plan and how you want to go about achieving it and according create a strategy. For example make a list of your target audience, the kind of professionals you want to market your product to and the type of reach you are aiming at. This will help strategise your plan of action far more effectively and create a scope for long-term gains.

3) Post Regular Update: This alone cannot drive traffic and market your product. For people to know about your product better or avail the service you are providing more frequently. It is important to keep your followers or those on your friend list engaged. For that you need to post regular updates. Some could be about the product, any new innovation, information and utility of the product and all such related updates could be included in the post. The result is it would keep popping up on the news feed of members who are associated with the page regularly thereby maintaining the connect with them.

How Can You Improve Your Social Media Presence With Engaging Visual Content? [Infographic]


There may be a number of people out there who would be quick to refute this fact, but did you know that prioritizing more on visual content in your social media endeavors could actually improve your social media growth? This is due to the simple fact that our minds are hard-wired to get hooked to images first, rather than words. Those who might say otherwise should consider the scientific facts that back this claim.