Guest PostHaving a great landing page can enhance your quality score which can give your high conversions. Guest posts are the most powerful ways of getting links for building up a solid traffic for your website. Your landing page must not only be aesthetically beautiful but must have valuable content in a planned and structured manner. Here are some easy steps which can help you to land quality guest post.

No clutter and put in personal touch
Simplicity works the best so prepare your landing page with the best combination of SEO content. Cluttered layout will only put off your guests and you might find less and less visitors over time. Trying to send mass messages does not work out well, so send personal messages which will imply that you took the time for each guest. Visit their site and understand their personality and give them feedback on how you feel. This will show that you have taken the time and patience to really understand them.

Discovering and ranking blogs by value
First check out the blogs that you would want to visit and put up posts so they come to you. Club together the area of interest and search the specific markets. Try to spend time only on blogs that show actual reading as you would not want to waste time. You can make use of Alexa and Open Site Explorer to get the reputability of the sites and view the traffic flow.

Dedicated landing page for each purpose
You would do well if you have a separate landing page for each purpose as your visitor might get confused otherwise. This means that feeding in too many purposes on a single landing page can create some confusion. By having a separate landing page for each purpose you can focus better on your sales. Always prioritize first by mentioning the important things which are important for your guests. Rank and place them in order of importance so as to create an impact on your visitor.

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Placements for your buttons
The way you place your action buttons can play an impact on your conversions. Therefore experiment with different placements and wait for the feedback to see which performance is better. You can try out different versions or a combination of the CTA as some people want to scroll all the way down the page.

Build a sociable relationship
When your content has value, your guests will naturally want to share it with others which is free publicity for you. Therefore give options to share to your guests on other social media pages. The more high the shares are, the more your page will be visited and garner higher conversions. While so, this enables you to create a relationship with other guests’ blogs for furthering your purpose.

Editing makes it perfect
Always review your landing page to see if you can make some improvement on your content. Check to see if your page is too long or if something important is missing. Remove things that are over the top and keep experimenting and editing till you find the perfect fit for your offer.

These are some of the easy steps which can help you towards your goal and purpose in landing top quality guest post opportunities.

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