eCommerce Website DesignSometimes online stores get too artsy with their website designs. Some use color schemes that can send wrong signals to the shoppers, while others use flash animations that slows down the browser of the shopper. Sometimes even the most popular ‘online stores’ can become complicated. For example, depop sellers try to find the best way to promote their sales by using Depop bots, that use automation to help them raise their sales and popularity. Creating these elements make a website look very attractive but resolves the usability issues which are of utmost importance for increasing conversions. Discussing your vision with a website design melbourne company like, or one more local, so they can walk you through designs and interface, is incredibly important, you do not want to have to keep changing because your users/customers are finding difficulty whilst navigating your site.

Here are four tips on how to turn visitors into potential customers and increase your conversion rates by using simple design strategies.

Make your shopping cart visible
When a consumer adds a product to the cart, he/she wants to have the peace of mind that the product was actually registered. Thus, somewhere on the page during the shopping process, your online store must have an area listing the number of products in the consumer’s cart and other useful checkout information. Having the checkout data readily available and visible even helps ease the transition to check out from online shopping. No matter where the consumer finishes shopping, it is essential to have a link back to the checkout page. However, it is not enough to have shopping cart information on the page. It must pop so that it is easier to find.

Optimize the add to cart’ button
Customers and visitors to the site have been seen to respond differently to action buttons. For example, very few people respond to action buttons that says, learn more, more details or read more. Customers hardly react to indirect add-to-cart buttons. What I have experienced is, call to action buttons that says buy now or get started elicit more positive response from online shoppers. Coloring is even an essential design element. Use colors, which flow with the color scheme of your website.

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Clarify the navigation paths
When you have many categories, arranging them becomes a difficult task. However, fly-out menus are a great way to keep your web page from getting cluttered while giving the online shopper a chance to access any category page at any time. Do not get too artistic in designing the category and other navigational elements. The online shoppers are going to get benefitted a lot if you make practicality your priority. You can use bread crumbs as that’s going to enable the shoppers to trace their way back from where they actually came.

Show the product availability clearly
After a visitor selects an item, compares it to the other options available and browses for better pricing and then when finally adding it to the shopping cart finds that the item is out of stock, just imagine what is going to happen! The shopper is going to get irritated and dissatisfied with the store and this can result in a potential lost customer. In order to make sure that the shoppers do not get dissatisfied when visiting your store, you should have a real time inventory clearly displaying the item availability and stock left within the page.

So, these are the top four ways for increasing your website’s conversion rate. Keep them in mind while choosing an eCommerce website design company.